IATE Term of the Week: strategic autonomy


The concept of “strategic autonomy” has emerged as a key objective for the European Union under the leadership of the Von der Leyen Commission. Strategic autonomy refers to the EU’s ambition to become more self-reliant and capable of shaping its own destiny in an increasingly complex and competitive global environment. It aims to enhance the EU’s capacity to act independently in areas such as security and defence, digitalization, trade, and climate change. In IATE, this term is defined as the “ability of a state (or of the EU) to act independently to defend its strategic interests”.

Strategic autonomy

The Von der Leyen Commission has prioritized strategic autonomy as a response to various geopolitical challenges and shifts in the global landscape. It recognizes the need for the EU to assert itself as a global actor and reduce its dependence on external powers. By promoting strategic autonomy, the Commission seeks to strengthen the EU’s position as a sovereign and influential player on the international stage.

The European Parliament, as a key institution within the EU’s decision-making process, plays a crucial role in shaping and implementing the concept of strategic autonomy. The Von der Leyen Commission has engaged with the European Parliament to gain support for its strategic autonomy agenda. Regular dialogues, consultations, and hearings have taken place to foster a shared understanding and approach.

Besides, the Parliament has provided valuable input through resolutions, reports, and legislative initiatives, contributing to the development and refinement of the EU’s strategic autonomy framework. Through their collaboration, the Commission and the Parliament work together to enhance the EU’s capacity to act autonomously, ensuring that European citizens’ interests are at the forefront of decision-making processes.


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Written by Carmen del Campo Hermida

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