International Journal of Lexicography

IJL-23(2)Cover.qxdPublishers: Oxford Journals

The International Journal of Lexicography was launched in 1988 by EURALEX, the European Association for Lexicography. Interdisciplinary as well as international, it is concerned with all aspects of lexicography, including issues of design, compilation and use, and with dictionaries of all languages, though the chief focus is on dictionaries of the major European languages – monolingual and bilingual, synchronic and diachronic, pedagogical and encyclopedic. The Journal recognizes the vital role of lexicographical theory and research, and of developments in related fields such as computational linguistics, and welcomes contributions in these areas. IJL will include a regular feature on some practical aspect of dictionary-making and will publish, also on a regular basis, reviews of dictionaries and books reflecting the full range of the Journal’s interests.