A Practical Guide for Translators

practical-guide-for-translatorsAuthor: Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown

This is the fifth revised edition of the best-selling “A Practical Guide for Translators”. The book is intended principally for those who have little or no practical experience of translation in a commercial environment.

It offers comprehensive advice on all aspects which are relevant to the would-be translator and, whilst intended mainly for those who wish to go freelance, it is also relevant to staff translators as a guide to the organisation of work and time. Advice is given on how to set up as a translator, from the purchase of equipment to the acquisition of clients.

The process of translation is discussed from the initial enquiry to the delivery of the finished product. Hints are given on how to assess requirements, how to charge for work, how to research and use source material, and how to present the finished product. Guidance is given on where to obtain further advice and professional contacts.

This revised edition contains updated practices in the translation profession and considers the impact of web-based translation offerings. Industry and commerce rely heavily on the skills of the human translator and his ability to make intellectual decisions that is, as yet, beyond the capacity of computer-aided translation.