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Conferences 2023

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  • 12 January: DTT-Webinar: „Terminologierecherche: Methoden und hilfreiche Tools“. German Association for Terminologists. Online and only in German. In this webinar it will be discussed how search engines and specific methods can facilitate and optimise the terminology research. In addition, various platforms will be explained on which specific searches can be carried out, such as online dictionaries, but also terminology resources in translator platforms, such as


  • 8-9 February: International conference T&R8 “Writing, translating fashion“. Several research topics can be developed: writing and translating for fashion magazines, fashion as writing and translation, the metaphor of fashion, theoretical frameworks that help clarify the theme, fashion and cultural differences. The conference is aimed at translators, translation scholars, fashion journalists and fashion designers. KU Leuven Campus Antwerpen Sint-Jacob, Sint-Jacobsmarkt 49,2000 Antwerpen.
  • 9–10 February: XLIII symposium of VAKKI, under the theme of “Communicating with Purpose”. The symposium will take place in Vaasa, Finland. The deadline for abstracts is 31st January.
  • 13 February: Le Centre d’Ă©tudes de la Traduction (CET) is organising the seminar “Localisation des jeux vidĂ©o et inclusivitĂ©“, by Maria Isabel Rivas Ginel. The meeting will take place at UniversitĂ© Paris CitĂ© and online, via Zoom.
  • 16 February: “La terminologie de la traduction et de la traductologie“. The Terminology Axis of the Center for Research in Translation, Arabic Terminology and Languages (CERTTAL) of the Faculty of Languages and Translation (FdLT) of the University of Saint Joseph of Beirut (USJ) organizes, in collaboration with the LTT network and the Realiter network, the First Meeting of CERTTAL on the occasion of the launching of the database dedicated to the terminology of translation and translation education. The meeting will take place online via Zoom from 4:30 pm to 6 pm (Beirut time). Access is free upon prior registration before February 10, 2023 via the form provided on this link.
  • 23-24 February 2023: ELIA Conference: Together 2023. The ELIA conference is an international event that brings together professionals from all over the world to discuss the state of digital content and how it can be used to improve business. The conference will highlight the many layers that make localization a unique industry. We will look at translation technology, peer into the lives of the people who build this fascinating industry and open a window to the new opportunities for growth in the market. This conference may be of interest to translators, interpreters, post-editors, proofreaders, vendors and quality or project managers. Link to download the program. Early bird registration until 30 January 2023, normal registration from 31 January 2023 on. Rome, Italy

MARCH 2023

  • 2-4 March: DTT-Symposion 2023 „Terminologie: Tools und Technologien“. German Association for Terminologists. Online and only in German. During the main technical presentations, terminological issues will be discussed, including the following topics: machine translation, deep learning, ontologies and standardization. Moreover, other interesting aspects of terminology work beyond the topic of the symposium will be covered as tutorials. They are primarily aimed at beginners, but it also includes topics for advanced users (Core elements of terminology work: naming and definition, Termbases: conception and set-up, Multilingual terminology work, Terminology work (also) for NMT. Dorint-Kongresshotel, Friedrichsring 6, 68161 Mannheim.
  • 16 March: Legal Translation at National and International Level Contemporary challenges for legal translators. European Interpreters and Translators Association in cooperation with Directorate General for Multilingualism of the CJ organizes the International Conference at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. The conference raises questions on contemporary challenges for legal translators, the impact on price structures as well as on how the associations can work in order to enhance cooperation and let their needs, ideas and approach prevail. Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
  • 22-24 March: PSIT8 – 8th International Conference on Public Services Interpreting and Translation. The conference is organized by the University of AlcalĂĄ with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. It aims to promote research into public services interpreting and translation and their role in ensuring citizens’ access to public services. Spain, Madrid.
  • 22-24 March: 1st International Conference on Didactic Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility. This is the first international conference to focus on applying practices such as revoicing and subtitling to L2 education environments. Registration: early bird registration until the 15th February 2023; standard registration from 16th February onwards. Universidad Nacional de EducaciĂłn a Distancia (UNED) Madrid, Spain
  • 30-31 March: Conference Multilingualism in translation, the English-speaking world, 16th century – present. This conference will explore how multilingualism has shaped the ways in which the English-speaking world has been understood and represented from the early modern period to the present day. The focus of this conference is on literary translations from one language into another (in particular, from French to English). It will bring together scholars of literature, cultural studies and history who are interested in analysing how translators have worked with a variety of languages and linguistic communities in order to translate texts into English. UniversitĂ© Paris Nanterre, Paris, France

APRIL 2023

  • 19 April: 8th International Symposium on Live Subtitling and Accessibility. Research on live subtitling has always been characterised by an evolving scenario closely related to technologies, with transdisciplinary collaborations between and across many fields: Translation Studies, Interpreting Studies, Media Accessibility, Cognitive Science, Engineering, Sociology, AI, etc. 8th International Symposium on Live Subtitling and Accessibility aims to discuss the latest trends and challenges in this sector. Universitat AutĂČnoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
  • 20-21 April: Advanced Research Seminar on Audio Description (ARSAD 2023).ARSAD aims to be a thought-provoking event where we can learn about the present of audio description across the globe from multidisciplinary perspectives and where we can get a glimpse of the future of this fascinating access mode. Sophie Frilley, a keynote speaker, will bring some insights from industry, and from a country where audio description has the best possible recognition: the CĂ©sar award. Barcelona, Spain
  • 20-21 April: Terminology: Domain Loss and Gain. Co-organised by: NL-TermInstituut voor de Nederlandse TaalEuropean Association for TerminologyInfoterm with the participation of the Translation Service of the Council of the European Union. KU Leuven Brussels Campus.
  • 27-28 April: International Conference on Languages, Literature and Translation Studies. The International Conference on Languages, Literature and Translation Studies aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from all over the world to present ongoing research results and advanced new ideas in the field of Linguistics. The conference welcomes high-quality submissions that address current issues in the following areas: languages, literature, translation studies, etc. Mons, Belgium

MAY 2023

  • 8-10 May: BP Translation Conference.The event will offer two days of presentations, panel discussions and workshops. It will be held in English. The BP23 Translation Conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplines to present their work on translation and interpreting studies. It provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussions about translation, both in its traditional sense as an act of transferring meaning between different languages or cultural traditions, or in its broader sense as a process that involves the transmission of meaning across cultures or fields of knowledge. In addition, the BP23 Translation Conference will provide opportunities for networking and professional development for early career scholars working on translations and translators. Registration already available. Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • 10-12 May: XIV Congreso Internacional de LingĂŒĂ­stica de Corpus (CILC2023)/14th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics.The theme of the conference is Corpus Linguistics in the Digital Era: Genres, Registers and Domains. Most studies based on or derived from corpora, implicitly or explicitly, deal with the notion of genre, and other concepts such as those of register and domain. In Corpus Linguistics, the importance of these concepts has been repeatedly highlighted in studies by Douglas Biber and other linguists working in the field of Corpus Linguistics. This is the reason why the theme selected for the conference is Corpus Linguistics in the digital era, with especial reference to the analysis of genres, registers and domains. The conference will also cater for other themes such as the analysis of genres, registers and domains in Applied Linguistics and statistical analyses. Early bird registration (15.02-15.03), late registration (16.03-16.04) via the form provided on this link. Oviedo, Spain
  • 11-13 May: Third WrocƂaw Terminological Meeting TERMOS 2023 organised by the Institute of Romance Studies and the Chair of Dutch Studies will be held at the University of WrocƂaw, Poland. The preliminary program of the conference will be announced in the second half of March.
  • 11 May: « Traduire les voix minoritaires ». Toulouse, France.
  • 19-21 May: Young Linguists’ Meeting (YLMP 2023).
  • Young Linguists’ Meeting in PoznaƄ (YLMP) is a congress organized by and for young linguists who appreciate the significance of interdisciplinary research and therefore want to go beyond the traditional branches of linguistics. We believe that the connection between linguistics and other fields of study, such as psychology or sociology, is both crucial and pervasive. Our goal is to present the advantages of an integrated approach and emphasize its importance for contemporary linguistic research. The leitmotif of the upcoming conference is: “Language and communication in the times of crisis”. Information on registration coming soon. PoznaƄ, Poland
  • 25-26 May: AI, Law and Languages: AI and European legal multilingualism. The conference will take place at UniversitĂ© catholique de Lille Issy-les Moulineaux campus. Deadline for submission of proposals: 15 March.
  • 25-26 May: En termes de polysĂ©mie. Sens et polysĂ©mie dans les domaines de spĂ©cialitĂ©. -Dep.Foreign Languages and Literatures-University of Verona ( The colloquium will take place in Verona.
  • 25-27 May: NPIT 6 – ‘Unstated’ mediation: On the ethical aspects of non-professional interpreting and translation. Scholars from Translation Studies and other disciplines (such as Sociology or Communication Studies) are increasingly becoming more interested in the multi-faceted and thought-provoking topic of interpreting and translation provided by non-professionals of any age and background, with or without remuneration, under a variety of circumstances, and for a wide spectrum of reasons. Non-professional interpreting and translation (NPIT) are widespread enough to allow us to see translation and interpreting not only as recognized and established professions but also as a ubiquitous social practice of much-needed mediation. In this context, one might attempt to investigate NPIT not merely as an opposite, and perhaps problematic, or even renegade, pole to professional mediation, but as ‘unstated’ mediation. NPIT presents an acceptable practice, which, however, remains less visible and less appreciated not only by professionals and society in general but even by non-professional interpreters and translators themselves. Registration until 1 May. Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • 27 May: 7 CATS Questioning the Universal Through Translation: Translating the Social Sciences and Humanities Today /L’universel Ă  l’épreuve de la traduction: ActualitĂ©s de la traduction des sciences humaines et sociales. In recent years, the translation of the humanities and social sciences has become increasingly important, both within translation studies (as one of its fields) and in the disciplines concerned (philosophy in the first place, but also anthropology, sociology, literary studies, etc.) which are also questioning the translation of their discourses. This interest may come from the fact that every discipline experiences, at some point, the need to be translated. How is this disciplinary translation done? Who has the skills to do this translation? The specialist in the discipline who wishes to translate, or the translator who wants to specialize in a discipline of the humanities and social sciences? What does this type of translation require? Toronto, Canada

JUNE 2023

  • 1-2 June: TOTh 2023 Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications. ONSITE & ONLINE CONFERENCE. University Savoie Mont-Blanc, France. Topics: ­Terminology, Translation, Computational linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Ontology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, ­Applications of Terminology and/or Ontology in Information and Library sciences, Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Education, Medicine, Finance, and much more.
  • 6,7 & 8 June: ANLEA-AILEA Congress paired with the international conference titled “Research Perspectives in Foreign Applied Languages (LEA): Business and International Commerce and Specialized Translation“. The conference will be held in French, English and Arabic. UniversitĂ© Française D’Egypte, Cairo (Egypt).
  • 12 June: Authors and their Translators: The Genealogy of an Asymmetric Relationship International conference. The international conference The Author and “his” Translator intends to offer researchers from all fields of humanities and social sciences an opportunity to question the functioning of contemporary cultural field from the point of view of the place that translators are bound to occupy within it. In order to allow for an in-depth examination of this subject, the programme of this scientific event will include various forms of work: in addition to individual papers and thematic panels proposed by several researchers, the conference will comprise a series of talks with a writer and his/her translator, round tables with publishers and directors of foreign literature collections, workshops devoted to the key points of the conference. Tours, France
  • 12-15 June: 24th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation EAMT.
  • The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) invites everyone interested in machine translation and translation-related tools and resources ― developers, researchers, users, translation and localization professionals and managers ― to participate in this conference. Driven by the state of the art, the research community will demonstrate their cutting-edge research and results. Professional machine translation users will provide insight into successful MT implementation of machine translation (MT) in business scenarios as well as implementation scenarios involving large corporations, governments, or NGOs. Translation studies scholars and translation practitioners are also invited to share their first-hand MT experience, which will be addressed during a special track. Information on registration coming soon. Tampere, Finland.
  • 27-29 June: ELEX 2023: ELECTRONIC LEXICOGRAPHY IN THE 21ST CENTURY. The format of the conference will be organized as a hybrid event with live sessions on-site with physical attendance and online participation. Language of the conference will be English and the deadline for abstracts is 31 January. Brno, Czech Republic.
  • 29-30 June: 2nd International Conference on “Multilingual digital terminology today. Design, representation formats and management systems”. Lisbon, Portugal.

JULY 2023

  • 6-8 July: 3rd International Conference on Community Translation. 3 days of presentations, workshops and networking activities in Warsaw University and online. Registration starts 30 January 2023. Warsaw, Poland.
  • 10-12 July: Using Corpora in Translation and Contrastive Studies (7th edition). UCCTS conference is a biennial international conference, which was launched by Richard Xiao in 2008 to provide an international forum for the exploration of the theoretical and practical issues pertaining to the creation and use of corpora in contrastive and translation/interpreting studies. Program to be announced soon. PoznaƄ, Poland.
  • 13-17 July: The 11th European Conference on Language Learning (ECLL2023). The European Conference on Language Learning (ECLL) is a multidisciplinary conference held concurrently with The European Conference on Education (ECE). Keynote, Featured and Spotlight Speakers will provide a variety of perspectives from different academic and professional backgrounds. Registration for either conference will allow participants to attend sessions in both. Registration for Abstract Submissions: Early bird deadline: 24 February 2023; Final deadline: 28 April 2023; Registration deadline for Presenters: 31 May 2023; Registration already available. SOAS and University College London (UCL), UK and online.
  • 17-21 July: The International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) World Congress.
  • The AILA Congress is organized by the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA), which was founded in 1956 at a conference held at McGill University in Canada. The association has over 7,000 members worldwide and organizes congresses every two years around the globe.
  • The congress will feature papers from scholars, practitioners and students from around the world. The aim is to share research and best practices in applied linguistics, language learning, bilingualism and multilingualism, discourse analysis and translation studies. The congress will also provide a forum for discussion about how these areas can be used to improve language teaching and learning at all levels. Registration until 5th June 2023; early bird until 5th March 2023. Lyon, France.
  • 18-21 July: 10th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC-10). The aim of the ICLC conference series, running since 1998, is to encourage fine-grained cross-linguistic research comprising two or more languages from a broad range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. ICLC brings together researchers from different linguistic subfields (and neighboring disciplines) to continue the (interdisciplinary) dialog on comparing languages, to foster the development of an international community, to discuss the state of the art, and to advance possible new areas of cross-linguistic research. Contrastive Linguistics as a linguistic subfield has had a checkered history, but comparative and contrastive work has always been and continues to be an important part of linguistic research. Deadline for abstract submission: 31 January 2022. Download the poster here. Mannheim, Germany.
  • 23-24 July: The Academics World 1455th International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture (ICLLC). The Academics World 1455th International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture (ICLLC) aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of Development in Language, Literature and Culture. It also provides the premier interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the fields of Development in Language, Literature and Culture. Early bird registration: 8th June 2023; Last date of registration: 11th July 2023; Paper submission deadline: 7th July 2023. Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
  • 25-27 July: 7TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON  LINGUISTICS AND LITERATURE. ICLL  is the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of linguistics and literature. It aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the industry, academia and government to discourse on research and development, professional practice in linguistics and literature. Registration until 20 April 2023; Submission Deadline 5 March 2023. Brochure available here. Vienna, Austria.
  • 26-29 July: International Symposium on Translation Communication and Intercultural Studies. In order to promote the exchange of academic achievements and the international dissemination of research on translation and interpreting, and to enhance the international influence of China Association for Comparative Studies of English and Chinese (CACSEC) on translation and interpreting research, the Professional Committee of Translation and Interpreting (PCTI) of CACSEC will hold an International Symposium on Translation Communication and Intercultural Studies—2023 High-level Forum of the PCTI of the CACSEC at the Chinese Heritage Centre of Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore on July 26-29, 2023 (check-in on July 25, leave on July 30). This symposium/high-level forum is sponsored by the Chinese Heritage Centre, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and cosponsored by Translation Research and Teaching, A journal of Chinese humanities and social sciences. We welcome experts and scholars from all over the world in translation and interpreting to Singapore for the grand event. Registration before 15th May 2023. Chinese Heritage Centre of Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore.


23-24 August 2023: Corpora in Language Learning, Translation and Research. The international conference Corpora in Language learning, Translation and Research aims to bring together specialists in the disciplines of corpus linguistics, specialized and literary translation, foreign language teaching, lexicography, LSP and NLP in order to share their insights on using corpora in language and translation education. University of Zadar, Croatia. Deadline: 15th of March.



  • 12-14 October: Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting 2023. The annual Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting (METM), now in its 19th year, is an established CPD and networking event – a highlight in the calendar for many editors, translators, interpreters and other providers of English-language support services in the Mediterranean area and beyond. It offers one and a half days of presentations and keynote speeches, two half days of pre-conference workshops, and a programme of “Off-METM” events. Mantua, Italy.
  • 25-28 October: ATA64. American Translators Associaton Annual Conference. Miami, Florida (USA).
  • 26-27 October: Literary Self-Translation and its Metadiscourse Power Relations in Postcolonial Contexts. This conference aims to examin self-translation as a practice that prompts self-reflexive metadiscourses on literary and translation production and gives new insights into the motivations and literary language uses of multilingual writers. This metadiscourse is present in the literary text itself and in essays, speeches delivered during award ceremonies, interviews, blogs, social media posts, academic lectureships or activism statements for minority rights. Abstracts have to be sent by 15th February 2023. LiĂšge, Belgium.


  • 10-12 November: International Conference ” Lexicography in the XXI century”. The main topic of the Conference is “Lexicography – by combining traditional methods and modern technologies”. The aim of the Conference is to create a forum for the discussion of issues of modern lexicography in Georgia. The conference will be held in Tbilisi, at Ilia State University. Deadline for the submission of abstracts – June 15, 2023.