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Conferences 2023

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  • 12 January: DTT-Webinar: „Terminologierecherche: Methoden und hilfreiche Tools“. German Association for Terminologists. Online and only in German. In this webinar it will be discussed how search engines and specific methods can facilitate and optimise the terminology research. In addition, various platforms will be explained on which specific searches can be carried out, such as online dictionaries, but also terminology resources in translator platforms, such as


  • 22-25 February: XXIII. Congress of the German Association of Hispanists (Hispanistentag) “New environments of Hispanistics. Digitization – reinscriptions – interfaces”, Section 16: “TerminologĂ­a y lingĂĽĂ­stica digital” University of Graz (Austria). This biannual congress attracts researchers interested in Romanistik und Hispanistik from many countries. The 16th section was dedicated to the revolution of computer and digital progress in the terminology work and to the concept of “digital linguistics”, which refers to the way of doing linguistics with the use of new technologies, the Internet, social networks and other digital resources that help us to carry out research in this field, as well as to the revaluation of the historical perspectives of terminological research and the digitization of work (textual and metalinguistic corpora, databases, repositories of linguistic documentation, electronic files, terminographic files, lexicographic templates, electronic and specialized dictionaries, etc.), which speed up and automate the work of linguists and expert researchers). The Book of Abstracts is available here.

MARCH 2023

  • 2-4 March: DTT-Symposion 2023 „Terminologie: Tools und Technologien“. German Association for Terminologists. Online and only in German. During the main technical presentations, terminological issues will be discussed, including the following topics: machine translation, deep learning, ontologies and standardization. Moreover, other interesting aspects of terminology work beyond the topic of the symposium will be covered as tutorials. They are primarily aimed at beginners, but it also includes topics for advanced users (Core elements of terminology work: naming and definition, Termbases: conception and set-up, Multilingual terminology work, Terminology work (also) for NMT. Dorint-Kongresshotel, Friedrichsring 6, 68161 Mannheim.
  • 16 March: Legal Translation at National and International Level Contemporary challenges for legal translators. European Interpreters and Translators Association in cooperation with Directorate General for Multilingualism of the CJ organises the International Conference at the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg. The conference raises questions on contemporary challenges for legal translators, the impact on price structures as well as on how the associations can work in order to enhance cooperation and let their needs, ideas and approach prevail. Luxembourg, Luxembourg.

APRIL 2023

  • 20-21 April: Terminology: Domain Loss and Gain. Co-organised by: NL-TermInstituut voor de Nederlandse TaalEuropean Association for TerminologyInfoterm with the participation of the Translation Service of the Council of the European Union. KU Leuven Brussels Campus. Booking deadline for onsite attendance: 6 April. Booking deadline for online attendance: 13 April.
  • 27-28 April: International Conference on Languages, Literature and Translation Studies. The International Conference on Languages, Literature and Translation Studies aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from all over the world to present ongoing research results and advanced new ideas in the field of Linguistics. The conference welcomes high-quality submissions that address current issues in the following areas: languages, literature, translation studies, etc. Mons, Belgium.

MAY 2023

  • 8-10 May: BP Translation Conference.The event will offer two days of presentations, panel discussions and workshops. It will be held in English. The BP23 Translation Conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplines to present their work on translation and interpreting studies. It provides a forum for interdisciplinary discussions about translation, both in its traditional sense as an act of transferring meaning between different languages or cultural traditions, or in its broader sense as a process that involves the transmission of meaning across cultures or fields of knowledge. In addition, the BP23 Translation Conference will provide opportunities for networking and professional development for early career scholars working on translations and translators. Registration already available. Utrecht, Netherlands.
  • 10-12 May: XIV Congreso Internacional de LingĂĽĂ­stica de Corpus (CILC2023)/14th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics.The theme of the conference is Corpus Linguistics in the Digital Era: Genres, Registers and Domains. Most studies based on or derived from corpora, implicitly or explicitly, deal with the notion of genre, and other concepts such as those of register and domain. In Corpus Linguistics, the importance of these concepts has been repeatedly highlighted in studies by Douglas Biber and other linguists working in the field of Corpus Linguistics. This is the reason why the theme selected for the conference is Corpus Linguistics in the digital era, with especial reference to the analysis of genres, registers and domains. The conference will also cater for other themes such as the analysis of genres, registers and domains in Applied Linguistics and statistical analyses. Early bird registration (15.02-15.03), late registration (16.03-16.04) via the form provided on this link. Oviedo, Spain.
  • 11-13 May: Third WrocĹ‚aw Terminological Meeting TERMOS 2023 organised by the Institute of Romance Studies and the Chair of Dutch Studies will be held at the University of WrocĹ‚aw, Poland. The preliminary program of the conference will be announced in the second half of March.
  • 12 May: Theoretical Perspectives on Terminology: Explaining terms, concepts and specialized knowledge (2022). From 08h30 to 17h30 in Paris. Free registration (but mandatory).

JUNE 2023

  • 1-2 June: TOTh 2023 Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications. ONSITE & ONLINE CONFERENCE. University Savoie Mont-Blanc, France. Topics: ­Terminology, Translation, Computational linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Ontology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, ­Applications of Terminology and/or Ontology in Information and Library sciences, Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, Education, Medicine, Finance, and much more. Authors are kindly invited to submit a short proposal (maximum 2 pages excluding the bibliography) clearly describing the motivation of the work, the research questions addressed, their main contribution and preliminary results. An image of the poster may also be included. The official languages are French and English. Call for posters: 21 April.
  • 12-15 June: 24th Annual Conference of the European Association for Machine Translation EAMT. The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) invites everyone interested in machine translation and translation-related tools and resources ― developers, researchers, users, translation and localization professionals and managers ― to participate in this conference. Driven by the state of the art, the research community will demonstrate their cutting-edge research and results. Professional machine translation users will provide insight into successful MT implementation of machine translation (MT) in business scenarios as well as implementation scenarios involving large corporations, governments, or NGOs. Translation studies scholars and translation practitioners are also invited to share their first-hand MT experience, which will be addressed during a special track. Information on registration coming soon. Tampere, Finland.

JULY 2023

  • 17-19 July: SFT’s Summer School for Financial Translators, a unique three-day conference for business and financial translators will take place this summer July 17-19 in Luxembourg. Organized by the French translators’ association SFT , the event is hosted and actively supported by the European Investment Bank , the EC’s climate bank. Most UETF speakers are professionals from the world of finance, offering insights into key issues and the often complex content translators handle every day. The programme also includes hands-on exercises via translation slams and two expert-led workshops. For more information on the 2023 edition of UETF, see here.
  • 17-21 July: The International Terminology Summer School (TSS) is the leading summer school for terminology, information and language professionals. TSS offers a practice-oriented training course covering a comprehensive overview of the methods and tools of professional terminology management. Focus in 2023: Terminology Management for Translation – in Practice and Theory. Level: Basic To Intermediate. TSS brings together language, terminology and information professionals from all over the world, and from many different organizations and industries. Registration is openEarly Bird fees are available until 31 May 2023. Come and join us and register today. Naples, Italy and online.
  • 17-21 July: The International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) World Congress. The AILA Congress is organized by the International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA), which was founded in 1956 at a conference held at McGill University in Canada. The association has over 7,000 members worldwide and organizes congresses every two years around the globe. The congress will feature papers from scholars, practitioners and students from around the world. The aim is to share research and best practices in applied linguistics, language learning, bilingualism and multilingualism, discourse analysis and translation studies. The congress will also provide a forum for discussion about how these areas can be used to improve language teaching and learning at all levels. Registration until 5th June 2023; early bird until 5th March 2023. Lyon, France.
  • 18-21 July: 10th International Contrastive Linguistics Conference (ICLC-10). The aim of the ICLC conference series, running since 1998, is to encourage fine-grained cross-linguistic research comprising two or more languages from a broad range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. ICLC brings together researchers from different linguistic subfields (and neighboring disciplines) to continue the (interdisciplinary) dialog on comparing languages, to foster the development of an international community, to discuss the state of the art, and to advance possible new areas of cross-linguistic research. Contrastive Linguistics as a linguistic subfield has had a checkered history, but comparative and contrastive work has always been and continues to be an important part of linguistic research. Deadline for abstract submission: 31 January 2022. Download the poster here. Mannheim, Germany.


  • 23-24 August 2023: Corpora in Language Learning, Translation and Research. The international conference Corpora in Language learning, Translation and Research aims to bring together specialists in the disciplines of corpus linguistics, specialized and literary translation, foreign language teaching, lexicography, LSP and NLP in order to share their insights on using corpora in language and translation education. University of Zadar, Croatia. Deadline: 15th of March.


  • 4-8 September: The LexiCon research group is organising the International Terminology Summer School which will address various topics in the field of terminology, translation, scientific and technical writing, and artificial intelligence. The programme is aimed at doctoral students, researchers, and language industry professionals. Renowned international guest lecturers from top-level research institutions will conduct master classes and seminars, while fostering collaboration and synergy among participants. The seminars and workshops taught by international top-level invited chairs will be held in English, but Spanish as also a language of communication. Early Bird Deadline: April 31st, 2023. Regular Deadline: July 1st, 2023. The Summer School will take place onsite at the Hotel Helios Costa Tropical, Almuñécar, Granada (Spain).
  • 12-15 September: Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK conference) at the University of Vienna, Austria. Language, Data and Knowledge (LDK) aims at bringing together researchers from across disciplines concerned with the acquisition, curation and use of language data in the context of data science and knowledge-based applications. With the advent of the Web and digital technologies, an ever increasing amount of language data is now available across application areas and industry sectors, including social media, digital archives, company records, etc. The efficient and meaningful exploitation of this data in scientific and commercial innovation is at the core of data science research, employing NLP and machine learning methods as well as semantic technologies based on knowledge graphs.
  • 13 September: TermTrends 2023 – Terminology in the Era of Linguistic Data Science will be co-located with LDK 2023 at the University of Vienna, Austria. This half-day workshop, initiated within the COST Action NexusLinguarum – European network for Web-centred Linguistic Data Science (CA 18209), aims to provide a discussion forum regarding the theoretical and methodological approaches that have characterised Terminology in recent years, especially its central role in the organisation and sharing of specialised knowledge, both at a conceptual and linguistic level. In particular, we would like to focus on its connection to the Linguistic Linked (Open) Data (LLOD) paradigm and to Semantic Web formats and technologies through the use of ontologies, thereby promoting the creation of interoperable terminological resources.
  • 27 September: Inclusive Language & Terminology SIG (held online) is organised by the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) and its Special Interest Groups (SIGs). This year’s SIG explores developing linguistic considerations relating to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The group explores different themes, including implementing inclusive language initiatives, technical updates to terminology, and global linguistic developments.
  • 27-29 September: XVIII SimpĂłsio Ibero-americano de Terminologia in Natal, Brazil. Thematic areas: Terminology and related disciplines: Lexicology, Lexicography; Terminological theories and methodologies; Terminology and Corpus Linguistics; Terminology and cultural identity; Terminology and Information Sciences; Terminology and Onomastic Studies; Terminology and specialised phraseology; Terminology and language for specific purposes; Terminology and teaching; New technologies in Terminology; Terminology and specialised translation/interpretation; Development of terminographic resources; Terminological standardisation and harmonisation; Terminological neology. Deadline for abstract submission: 31 May 2023.


  • 12-13 October: XIXe JournĂ©e Scientifique REALITER – Terminologie et interdisciplinaritĂ©: dĂ©fis et perspectives de recherche futures, in Paris, France. The aim of the conference is to present the dynamics of current terminology research to researchers in the Romance languages community, in order to create a forum for dialogue on the theme of ‘Terminology and interdisciplinarity’, which we feel deserves to be explored in greater depth as the REALITER network celebrates its thirtieth anniversary. Possible avenues for reflection, which may follow a variety of approaches aimed at exploring the relationship between terminology and other disciplinary fields, are as follows a) Methodological approaches and terminology research; b) Terminology and specialised translation; c) Terminology and specialised language teaching; d) Terminology, mediation and specialised communication; e) Terminologies and language policies. Submission deadline 31 May 2023.
  • 19-20 October: the 5th International Conference on terminology Scientific, administrative and educational dimensions of terminology. Submission deadline for registration forms and abstracts – 31 May 2023. Notification of acceptance – 30 June 2023. Held: on-site (Vilnius, Lithuania) and online.


  • 10-12 November: International Conference ” Lexicography in the XXI century”. The main topic of the Conference is “Lexicography – by combining traditional methods and modern technologies”. The aim of the Conference is to create a forum for the discussion of issues of modern lexicography in Georgia. The conference will be held in Tbilisi, at Ilia State University. Deadline for the submission of abstracts – June 15, 2023.
  • 16-17 November: EAFT Summit which will be held in Barcelona organized by Termcat and hosted by the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, with a suggested theme: “Terminology – Sustainability and Innovation”. The General Assembly EAFT  will take place on 16 November, in conjunction with the Summit EAFT.
  • 20-22 November: TC45 – 2023 AsLing Conference. The forthcoming 45th edition of the conference (TC45) is the ideal place to exchange ideas, create or renew business and research contacts, collaborations, and ventures. The call for presentations and papers will close on 30 June 2023. Accepted presenters will have the opportunity to write up full papers for inclusion in TC’s open-access conference e-proceedings.
  • 30 November – 1st December: Terminologie diachronique : un bilan, des perspectives. Call for papers: 15 May. UniversitĂ© Lumière Lyon 2, France.


  • 6-8 December: COSEDI (Corpus de genres spĂ©cialisĂ©s : caractĂ©risation, mĂ©thodes et applications didactiques) will take place at the University of Grenoble Alpes from December 6th to December 8th 2023. COSEDI follows previous conferences held at the University of Grenoble Alpes in the fields of Languages for Specific Purposes (LOSP), Lexicology, Terminology and Translation (LTT) as well as Linguistic resources and pedagogical applications in specialised languages (RADELAS). Call for papers: June 25th.