International Conferences 2022

We would like to inform our visitors that we are collecting language and linguistics-related only conferences on this page, and cannot provide you with email notifications at this time. Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, some of the conferences listed below may be postponed, rescheduled, or cancelled. Please follow the hyperlinks for further information. Thank you for your understanding.



10 & 11 February: VAKKI Symposium 2022. Online. Theme: Responsible communication, expanding the perspective to the domains of science, politics and public discussion.

18 February: International Conference on Translation Studies. Rome, Italy. Themes: academic scientists, researchers and research scholars will exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of Translation Studies. The discussion will also be about the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Translation Studies.

MARCH 2022

28 & 29 March: Pan-European Terminology Summit. Online. Theme:  sharing, maintaining, and synchronizing high-quality terminology resources in Europe and beyond. The Federated eTranslation TermBank Network (FedTerm) is addressing the problem that each country creating and managing terminology in a different way.

APRIL 2022

8 & 9 April: International Conference on Mechanical Actuator Systems, Translation Motion and Rotational Motion. Rome, Italy. Theme: discussion about the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Mechanical Actuator Systems, Translation Motion and Rotational Motion.

14 & 15 April: la traduction-acte CREATIF : entre science et art.

20 to 22 April: JIAMCATT. International Annual Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology. Online and Onsite in Geneva, Switzerland. Theme: the transforming power of remote collaboration. Specific topics like terminology, standards, the use of CAT tools will be discussed.

21 & 22 April: I Simposio Internacional de TraducciĂłn e InterpretaciĂłn Especializadas. Information will be provided in March.

MAY 2022

9 & 11 May: BP22 Translation Conference. Online and Onsite in Lisbon, Portugal. Theme: ‘BP’ stands for ‘Business & Practice’, the two overarching fields that define the subjects at our events. The aim of the conference is to improve the business and practical skills of translators. Usual subjects include client acquisition, direct clients, pricing strategies, customer service, marketing, business strategy, CAT tools, productivity tools, best practices, remote interpreting, integration of machine translation into CAT tools, quality assurance, work-life balance, and many more.

12 & 13 May: La formation en traduction à l’ère du numérique. Themes: the development of new technologies brings many changes to translation mechanisms. The conference will explore themes such as technologies and trainings, digital literacy, athematic translation in terminology and translation programs, use of technological tools, co-modal education, experiential learning and groupware, etc.

16 & 18 May: 28th GeSuS Linguistics Days, Society for Language and Languages. On site in Odense – Denmark. Themes: This year’s theme Language(s) – Sprache(n) – Sprog (sg./pl.) addresses the central position of implicit and explicit comparisons in linguistic research. Typological, historical-comparative, and contrastive studies are explicitly comparative by nature, whereas explorations of a single language, e.g., within a framework claiming universality, are, as a rule, based on or at least inspired by implicitly comparative ideas, they have comparative potential.

JUNE 2022

2 & 3 June: TOTh Conference. Terminology and Ontology: theories and applications. Online and Onsite in Chambéry – France. Theme: terminology and, in a more general way, the links between language and knowledge in the context of terminology. It will be a forum of exchange and sharing of problems and solutions, as well as new tendencies and perspectives in the disciplines associated with terminology (translation, lexicography, knowledge engineering, the information sciences). The TOTh international community comprises more than 20 different nationalities and the most prominent personalities in the domain. The official languages are French and English.

9 & 10 June: Terminology and Specialized Knowledge Representation. New Perspectives on User Needs. Rijeka, Croatia. Theme: specialists in the disciplines of terminology, terminography, specialized lexicography, LSP, computational linguistics and NLP will share their insights on the design and development of terminological materials, resources and applications with a particular view of emerging user needs in linking general and specialized knowledge resources.

16 & 17 June: Multilingual digital terminology today. Design, representation formats and management systems. Padova, Italy. Themes: Analysis of the information needs of the future user of the resource, assessment of structural design approaches for terminological data collections, study of terminological metadata and data representation formats and methods of validating the ergonomics of a resource.

20 to 25 June: LREC 2022. Language Resources and Evaluation Conference. Marseille, France. Theme: Multilingualism and Language Technology for All, Language Resources for Emergency Needs, Machine Learning and Multimodality.

22 to 24 June: International Conference on Historical Lexicography and Lexycology. Lorient, France. Theme: “West meets East”. This means looking at historical dictionaries right across Europe from Portugal in the West to Georgia in the East. Scholars will share their researches on the history of dictionaries, the making of historical dictionaries, as well as researches on historical lexicology.

27 to 29 June: Transius Conference. The next international conference of the Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies (Transius) is held in cooperation with IAMLADP’s Universities Contact Group (UCG). The conference will provide a forum for dialogue between scholars and practitioners with a common interest in legal translation and institutional translation settings more generally. It illustrates the Centre’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and advocating translation quality in the field.

JULY 2022

12 to 16 July: XX EURALEX International Congress. Mannheim, Germany. The conference bring together professional lexicographers, linguists, publishers, researchers and software developers. The programme includes a diverse spectrum of plenary lectures, topic-related sessions, software demonstrations, pre-conference workshops, presentations of new projects and young lexicographic professionals.


23 & 24 August: International Conference on Cognitive Linguistics and Translation ICCLT. Online and Onsite in Rome, Italy. Main themes: Cognitive and construction grammar, cognitive and developmental psychology, cognitive linguistic approaches to language teaching, applied cognitive linguistics, cognitive semantics, domains and frame semantics, language evolution and language change, language use and linguistic relativity, lexicology and lexical concepts, linguistics, neuroscience.


15 & 17 September: RECLES. The Future of Language Education in an Increasingly Digital World: Embracing Change. Porto, Portugal. Theme: disruption. It is about shaping new sustainable paths for language learning, integrating technology into the teaching and learning environment.

29 September: Enseigner la traduction et l’interprétation à l’heure neuronale / Teaching translation and interpreting in the age of neural machine translation.


6 & 7 October: Marqueurs et prĂ©dicteurs de rĂ©ussite et de succès dans le champ littĂ©raire. Online. Themes: Les rĂ©gimes de mise en scène de soi par les Ă©crivains, sĂ©lection, statut et fonction de la grande Ĺ“uvre, les variations du canon littĂ©raire,  succès littĂ©raires et rĂ©seaux, traduction et succès littĂ©raire.

20 & 21 October: ICSPMT 2022. International Conference on Speech Processing and Machine Translation. Barcelona, Spain. Themes: Data Mining and Semantic Web, Information Extraction, Knowledge Representation and Ontologies, Machine Translation, Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis, Part-of-Speech Tagging, Speech and Language Generation, Speech Recognition, Speech Transcription, Term Extraction, Text Categorization, Text Summarization.

24-26 October: KEOD 2022. Online. Theme: KEOD is part of IC3K, the 14th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management. KE is a multidisciplinary field, bringing in concepts and methods from several computer science domains such as artificial intelligence, databases, expert systems, decision support systems and information systems.


9 November: The I-LanD Seminar Series. Themes: issues linked to identity and diversity will be explored through a variety of approaches drawing on language, society, culture, art, history, geography, environment, migrations, diasporas, sexuality and gender. The conference holds both online via Microsoft Temas and on-site at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”. Calendar of the seminars.

15-17 November: 2022 Innovation in Translation Summit. Online conferences. Themes: develop productive habits for a translation business, learn to leverage speech recognition, MT and other technology to boost translation quality, productivity and revenue, and much more.

18 & 19 November: ICCATNLU 2022: 16. International Conference on Computer-Aided Translation and Natural Language Understanding. Paris, France. The conference program here.

23-25 November: Traduire, Ă©crire, simplifier. Udine, Italy. The colloquium will be held in French, English, Italian and German.

24 & 25 November: 44th Translating and the Computer Conference. AsLing is now organising the 44th Translating and the Computer Conference, TC44. It will take place as an in-person conference 24-25 November 2022. The conference will be in the European Convention Center in Luxembourg.


10 December: Traduction technique et technicité de la traduction – Traductologie de plein champ, neuvième édition, Ier acte Université Paris Cité. Paris, France and online. Themes: technical translation and specialized translation, differences and similarities.