Download IATE.TBX

download iate.tbx

IATE Public provides now the possibility to download TBX files filtered by languages and domains. Users can extract subsets of data as follows, using the extraction tool IATExtract:


Click here to access extraction tool IATExtract and follow the instructions

We list here below some suggestions by external IATE users on how to export and process data from the IATE .tbx:


What a whopper (multifarius): it shows how to extract more languages together and construct an SDL Termbase.

Multiple, already extracted, bilingual TBX resources (multifarius)

SanTrans: a blog dedicated specifically to IATE, it contains really nice hints and suggestions, and offers tidied-up extractions of language pairs for direct import into various CAT-tools.

IATE data in CAT tools and databases

If you would like to contribute with your ideas and tools please send us an email and we will be glad to add them to the list.