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Instituut voor de Nederlandse taal (IVDNT)

IVDNT – Terminology Section 

The Dutch Language Institute aims to be a widely accessible scholarly institute in the field of the Dutch language. In addition, the institute strives to take on a central position in the Dutch-speaking world (the Netherlands, Flanders, Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles), as a developer, keeper and distributor of corpora, lexica, dictionaries and grammars. With these sustainable language resources, all results of scholarly methods, the Dutch Language Institute provides the necessary building blocks of the study of Dutch.
Woordenlijst The Dutch Language Institute is an authority in the field of spelling. Since 1995, the institute (then: Institute for Dutch Lexicology) has compiled the ‘Word List of the Dutch Language’ for the Dutch Language Union: an overview of the official spelling of Dutch words. In its printed form, the Word List is better known as ‘het Groene Boekje’ (‘the green book’, because of its colour). The most recent edition was released in 2005.
Taalunie The Taalunie develops and promotes policy on Dutch in the Netherlands, Flanders and Suriname, and promotes the Dutch language around the world.
Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst (e-ANS) The General Dutch Grammar, or ANS (Algemene Nederlandse Spraakkunst) is the go-to reference grammar for the Dutch language. The electronic version, the e-ANS, is currently being brought up to date and expanded. The Dutch Language Institute has recently become involved in this project. The ANS is the most extensive description of the grammatical aspects of contemporary Dutch aimed at a broad audience. The target audience includes both native speakers and foreign language learners of Dutch. The ANS was born out of a Belgian-Dutch cooperation and was first published in 1984. The second and revised 1997 edition was digitized, resulting in the e-ANS.
Taaladvies  Dutch language advice offered by the Taalunie.
Taaltelefoon Dutch language advice offered by the Flemish government in Belgium.
VRT Taal Dutch language advice offered by VRT, Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroeporganisatie (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organisation)
Mijnwoordenboek Online Dutch dictionary
Het Ambtelijk Woordenboekonline Het Ambtelijk Woordenboekonline, zodat iedereen het kan gebruiken om zijn teksten te vereenvoudigen. Het is ingedeeld in drie rubrieken: moeilijk, ouderwets en puistwoorden. U vindt er voor honderden ambtelijke termen een eenvoudiger, moderner of mooier alternatief.