Old projects


Since 2012, TermCoord cooperated with terminology or language departments of universities on terminology projects for feeding IATE. It involved universities teaching terminology in the framework of a bachelor or master course.

The students worked on terminology projects, following the requirements for IATE terminology work and the respective guidelines, researching and documenting terms in the target language which is their native language (among the official languages of the EU) or the language of the university course, based on one of the main source language – English. The advantage for the students was that they had the opportunity to gain hands-on terminology experience and to contribute to the EU terminology database. The findings were verified by European Parliament terminologists and those found to be of good quality are inserted into IATE.

Since 2019, because of the limited resources of the Translation Units, TermCoord opted for a new approach and created a separate project called Terminology without Borders permitting the immediate publication of the created glossaries by the universities and the insertion of new terms in IATE only after the validation by the EP terminologists.

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