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A Guide to Programmes in Arts, Business, Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Management, MBA, Science

Eurydice – Information on Education Systems and Policies in Europe
Eurybase – Descriptions of National Education Systems and Policies

Manuals Interinstitutional Style guide
[PDF] Vademecum tłumacza [PDF] Translator’s Vademecum
[PDF] [PDF] Gender-neutral language in the European Parliament

Corpus National Corpus of the Polish Language Corpus of the Polish Language, PWN editions

General resources Polish-language dictionaries, PWN editions
Biblioteka Sejmowa Library of the Polish parliament
Biblioteka Sejmowa: Konstytucje świata Library of the Polish parliament: Constitutions of the World
Internetowy System Aktów Prawnych Polish law online
Jasnopis IT tool for the assessment of the clarity of texts
Logios IT tool for the assessment of the clarity of texts
Polskie Towarzystwo Tłumaczy Przysięgłych i Specjalistycznych Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators

Resources for Geographical names

Komisja Standaryzacji Nazw Geograficznych Commission for Standardisation of Geographical Names

EU EU structure Commission directorates-general and services: official titles Eur-Lex: EU Law Representatives of the governments of the Member States


Linguistic consulting

Rada Języka Polskiego Council for the Polish Language
Rada Języka Polskiego Council for the Polish Language, in English
Poradnia językowa PWN Linguistic advice, website of PWN editions
Poradnia językowa Uniwersytetu Śląskiego Linguistic advice – University of Silesia