TermFolders 2.0

The new generation of TermFolders is here!

Access list of TermFolders 2.0 here

Back in 2017, we introduced the TermFolders as a new terminology resource for translators and terminologists using IATE. The idea behind them was to help translators and terminologists of the European Parliament find an easy access to key or problematic terms. In order to achieve this, TermCoord searched for terms in the current legislative procedures, which were not available in IATE, and added the missing terms in English. The equivalents were then found by the terminologists of DG TRAD for all of the official languages of the European Union.

Now, thanks to the development of terminology and the new IATE features, we are proud to present the second generation of TermFolders: TermFolders 2.0. The aim is still to make the access to key or problematic terms easier, but we have so much more to offer.

What is new in TermFolders 2.0?

  • TermFolders 2.0 are addressed not only to the translators, interpreters and terminologists, but also to MEPs, APAs, lawyer-linguists and other authors of legislative and non-legislative documents
  • Each TermFolder 2.0 contains a list of all the available IATE collections with terms relevant for a certain pertinent procedure or topic
  • Each TermFolder 2.0 offers the possibility to download all relevant terms on the topic in different formats, according to the needs of the users

Discover TermFolders 2.0!

Every TermFolder 2.0 is now organised following the same pattern:

  • General information about the topic and if available, the current EP procedures
  • All available IATE collections, provided not only by the European Parliament, but all the European institutions, bodies and agencies, which include terms relevant for the specific topic in 24 languages
  • Access to downloadable:
    • TermBases in .sdltb and .tbx format, for the needs of translators and terminologists, using CAT tools;
    • TermBases in Excel with all the relevant terms from the IATE collections as well as with defined terms, for the needs of interpreters, MEPs, APAs, lawyer-linguists and other authors
  • If a TermBase is available for this topic, a link to our page TermBases, from which the terms can be downloaded not only in Excel, but also in .sdltb and .tbx formats
  • Additional information, such as available glossaries, national law, EU agencies etc.

Access list of TermFolders 2.0 here