Banking Union

The banking union was created to ensure that banks are stronger and better supervised, as well as to ensure that, should problems arise in the financial sector, the banks can be resolved, i.e. restructured, more efficiently. It is an important step towards a genuine Economic and Monetary Union, allowing for the consistent application of EU banking rules in the participating countries. The decision-making procedures and tools help to create a more transparent, unified and safer market for banks.

Procedural numbers: 2021/0341(COD)2021/0342(COD)2021/0343(COD)   

IATE collections on Banking Union

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COM-Financial Markets
Financial securities and commodities
Consilium-MUL-Banking Union 2012T019M  

Entries for update in Banking Union
COM-COVID19 part 9 banking M-2020  

COM mandatory terminology project based on the Commission Interpretative Communication COM(2020)169 final


Terms belonging to the domain of bank regulation and supervision, and coming from the definitions of these acts: 32013R0575, 32013L0036, 32017R2402, 32002L0087, 32010R1092, 32014L0059, 32014R0806 and 32009L0110.

Consilium-MUL-Banking reform 2017T011M  

Entries for update in Banking reform package

Banking Reform Package, Risk Reduction Measures (RRM)


Banking Terminology


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    • 1) the defined terms and their definitions extracted from COM proposal(s) and related legal acts in force in this domain
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    • 3) the terms which serve as background information
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  • Defined terms in .xls – contain the defined terms and their definitions extracted from COM proposal(s) and related legal acts in force in this domain, e.g.
    • term: supervision measures and
    • definition: supervision measures means obligations and instructions imposed on a natural person, in accordance with the national law and procedures of the issuing State

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