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Digital Services Act

The Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA) are two legislative initiatives proposed by the Commission that aim to upgrade rules governing digital services in the EU, creating a safer digital space where the fundamental rights of users are protected and establishing a level playing field for businesses. Together they form a single set of new rules that will be applicable across the whole EU to create a safer and more open digital space.

Procedural numbers: 2020/0361(COD)2020/0374(COD)  

IATE collections on Digital Services Act

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EP-MUL-Digital Services Act-2021  

Collection for termbase creation for procedures 2020/0361(COD) and 2020/0374(COD)
COM-CNECT/2020/80220 (Digital Services Act) M-2021  

Terminology linked to cybersecurity and taken from the proposed Digital Services Act
COM-Digital assets  

General terminology on digital assets, crypto-assets etc.
COM-Digital technologies  

General terminology on digital technology, digital economy, digital transformation, digital in general
Consilium-MUL-Digital Markets
& Services Acts 2021T017M

Entries for update in Digital Markets & Services Acts – 2021T017M
SCIC-MUL-Digital (I00002)-2022  

Confidential Compilation of entries from the EP’s “digital services act” collection; and the COM’s “digital single market” collection and a small COM collection of terms


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