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Video-Fix Untranslatable words feature

Video-Fix: Untranslatable Words in Europe

For this week's Video-Fix we have a special trip for you: an evergreen Untranslatable Words Tour across Europe, accompanied by some of the words...

IATE term of the week: Culture Action Europe

On 15th April we celebrated the International Day of Art, in honour of the birth of Leonardo da Vinci. If the painter is known...

Traineeship in European Institutions: a chance you don’t want to miss

"We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for a traineeship for university graduates in the European Parliament, Directorate-General for Translation,...

Comunicare in Europa: TermCoord goes to Italy

TermCoord is very happy to announce its participation to "Comunicare in Europa: il linguaggio della crescita, dai documenti UE alle opportunità". Friday, November the...