External Contacts

TermCoord maintains external contacts with various universities, specific international and private organisations as well as terminology specialists. Our purpose is to enhance mutual cooperation in the field of language sciences, especially the terminology domain.

6.2 Updating the External Contacts Databases

One of the main tasks of the trainees is to expand and update the external contacts database available at S:\TERM_INTERN\Contacts_cooperation\External\External_contacts_list.xls

This can be done in various ways, in particular through:

–        encouraging translation trainees to provide contacts from their previous or current universities and other institutions with a language profile;

–        researching Internet databases for external contacts with language profiles;

–        monitoring terminology conferences

–        inserting new contacts sent by colleagues.
Whenever there is a new external contact to be added to the databases, the information (i.e. the name of the item, details of the contact person, etc.) should be entered into the Microsoft Excel Worksheet. Make sure that the formatting of the cells (i.e. the font type, etc.) conforms to the standards.

After the necessary preparations, the contents of the Excel table will be transferred to an Access database (under construction).

Academic Cooperation

Assisting trainees from the Language Units in contacting their universities

If a trainee from the Language units is interested in contacting their university’s professors, send them the Proposal_for_cooperation_with_universities_EN.pdf or Proposal_for_cooperation_with_universities_FR.pdf with the following email – Email_Project_TraineeContacts_GeneralInterest_EN.doc:


Dear trainees,

following your request I attach the Proposal for cooperation with universities. Please feel free to send it to the professors of terminology at your university and to all the teachers who might be interested in participating in the project.

Please forward the file together with the message below.



Dear Sir/Madam,

We are delighted to inform you that Academic Cooperation: Terminology Research for IATE – Pilot Project 2012/2013, initiated by Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament, has officially been launched.

Students of your university, who are trainees at the European Parliament at present, recommended you as a potential participant in this project. For this reason we attach the project framework and would like to invite you to go through it and present briefly the possible integration of this project in the courses that you, and possibly your colleagues, teach at your university.

We look forward to collaborating with you on the project.

Kind regards,



Correspondence with universities

Archive all correspondence in the folder of the respective university – (\\dg7luxsec01\terminology\TERM_INTERN\Contacts_cooperation\External\Cooperation_with_universities\PilotProject_2012-2013\Universities). All received emails should be numbered and saved in the ResourcesReceived subfolder, while all the emails sent by TermCoord should be stored in the ResourcesSent subfolder. When a university sends a completed project participation form together with all the supporting documents, they should be archived in the university’s Documents subfolder.

Discuss the received email with Violina and Rodolfo, after which prepare a reply. Send the reply to Violina and Rodolfo for approval and then send it to the university from DGTRAD TERMCOORD mailbox, signed by Rodolfo. Archive the reply.

Maintenance of the project database (UniProject_Data.mdb)

Keep the project database up-to-date – UniProject_Data.mdb.


Upon reception of the completed project participation form of a given university, copy and paste all the information in the Access database, using the Forms interface:

  • 01_Universities;
  • 02_ Teachers;
  • 03_Faculties;
  • 04_Departments;
  • 05_Programmes;
  • 06_Courses;
  • 07_TermProjects;
  • 08_ComputationalLinguisticsProjects;
  • 09_Students.

Export the Teachers and Students tables into an Excel table for the person creating IATE passwords and send the table to her/him – Uni_IATE_Passwords.xls (\\dg7luxsec01\terminology\TERM_INTERN\Contacts_cooperation\External\Cooperation_with_universities\PilotProject_2012-2013\Databases).

You can export all the tables into an Excel table for people who feel more comfortable with Excel than AccessUniProject.xls.