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Short presentation of the project

The project aims at developing a linguistic–terminological resource in the Municipal Waste Management domain. The result will be the «MWM–Lexicon» a Linguistic Linked Open Data bilingual terminology – Italian / English –  to be shared and used in the Semantic Web. «MWM–Lexicon» will be used to create terminological cards in EU terminology database IATE. IATE can be not only a resource for translation and terminology-sharing, but also a double-sided tool for the interoperability solutions of informative systems of local, national and EU public administrations. It can be a double-sided tool because the terms used for the e-government applications in the different languages can be used as indexes, metadata and links to IATE entries that describe their meaning and use in the institutional domains; on the other side, the IATE entries can become a hub in order to link the terms to the institutional documents in which they are contained.

Master’s and PhD students are involved in the University of Salerno’s project on the interoperability solutions for IATE.

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  • Manilia, Marica (MA)
  • Guarasci, Raffaele (PhD Student)
  • Rossi, Francesco (PhD Student)
  • Stingo, Michele (PhD student)

Project Coordinator

 Daniela Vellutino

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe is an Assistant Professor in Applied Linguistics at the University of Salerno. She teaches Public Communication and Institutional Languages. She has a PhD in Communication Science at the University of Salerno. She is a member of Scientific Committee of the Associazione Italiana per la terminologia (Ass.I.Term). She is a member of the “Rete panlatina di Terminologia (Realiter)”; “SocietĂ  di Linguistica italiana (SLI)”, “Rete per l’Eccellenza dell’Italiano istituzionale (REI) della Commissione Europea (DG Trad). Her main research themes are the analysis of Italian language for Public Sector Information, more in particular languages for open government and for communication with citizens. She has developed a special interest on Lexicon, Terminology, Specialized Discourse and Natural Language Engineering. Her latest reasearch project focuses on the study of Sematic Web tecnologies to link annotaded data and domain-specific linguistic resources to models of documents. In the Department of Political, Social and Communication Sciences she coordinates “Osservatorio sulla comunicazione nella Pubblica Amministrazione in Italia e in Europa” and she is head of the teaching project “Diritto di Accesso Civico” that aims to experiment te use of Open Data in the different types of writing for Public Sector. This project has created a community for civic monitoring of public funds, in particular the Structural Funds. For further information visit

External experts

External Resources

Agenzia Regionale Protezione Ambientale Toscana/Coordinamento Comunicatori Sistema Nazionale Protezione Ambientale

CittadiniReattivi Associazione di promozione e innovazione sociale

Independent Scholars

Carmina Mangiacapre, Alessandro Maisto, Serena Pelosi, Virginia Formisano

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