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Short presentation of the project

This cooperative work between TermCoord and the Law department of the FLD in Paris has been implemented in the framework of a project funded by the Justice Programme of the European Union. The Projekt CROSSUM  – Cross-border cooperation and linguistic improvements in the light of the new European Succession Regulation – led to the publication of a Linguistic Handbook dedicated to the Slovak and Czech law professionals, primarily notaries, trainee notaries, students of law and all other experts dealing with cross- border succession issues in their practice. More specifically, the Linguistic Handbook focuses on improvements of foreign language competencies in the field of professional legal language based on the professional terminology arising from the Regulation (EU) No650/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2012 on jurisdiction, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of decisions and acceptance and enforcement of authentic instruments in matters of succession and on the creation of a European Certificate of Succession. Third year students of the FLD are completing their grade in European Law and attending classes of law and legal terminology in three languages, English, French and Spanish. For around 20 terms in English in the Linguistic Handbook, students had to provide an equivalent target term both in French and Spanish. The aim is to propose a bilingual glossary that can extend the linguistic combination of the existing one in Slovak and Czech.  Furthermore, the terms could feed the IATE term base in the field of Succession.

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  • Baumgarter, Arnaud
  • Bitton, Romain
  • Constans, Judith
  • Corsion, Elise
  • D’Andigné, Margot
  • Garmendia, Amaya
  • Helbert, Aude
  • Laroche, Camille
  • Lauwick, Ariane
  • Montes, Kelly
  • Mugnier-Bajat, Ludivine
  • Perrotte, Louise
  • Pivet, Laure
  • Riley, Antoine
  • Sauger, Marion
  • Sonesaksith, Macha
  • Sonrier, Mathilde
  • Van Hoorde, Lea
  • Yabs, Oriane

Project Coordinator

Francesca Bisiani: teacher in the FLD in Paris

Francesca Bisiani picFrancesca Bisiani is teacher in the FLD in Paris, Université Catholique de Lille and PhD student in Linguistic and literary Studies in the University of Trieste and Paris Diderot University. She studied in the School for translators and interpreters in the University of Trieste. Post-graduate studies in legal translation in Paris-3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has been lecturer in literary translation in Paris-4 Sorbonne, Spanish in SciencesPO University and gastronomy and Italian civilization in the Italian Cultural Center of Paris. Francesca worked in the Italian Cultural Center as a translator, editor and seconding the Director in cultural activities. Internship in the UNESCO in the Creative Cities Network and former trainee in the Terminology Coordination Unit.

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