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Short presentation of the project

The aim of this project was to give the students the opportunity to work at a professional level with terminology and at the same time contribute to the IATE, which is a fundamental resource in our daily work as translators. Students often underestimate the importance of terminological research in their work, and this project was the most appropriate way to interest them by making them feel responsible and part of a real working experience. They were very motivated and enthusiastic at the idea of contributing to the largest terminology database and this helped them in their translation work for lessons as well.

The project consisted in translating four terms each in the fields of culture and political elections from English into Italian providing a solid definition and context.


  • Corrá Sara
  • Benedetti Alice
  • Gasparinetti Valentina
  • Fincato Beatrice
  • Disconzi Marta
  • Pignata Chiara
  • Ruzzon Gretha
  • Bazzan Lisa
  • Baldina Chiara
  • D´amico Mariangela
  • Masato Claudia
  • Bettin Ilaria
  • Stafa Lijela
  • Schiesaro Anna
  • Favret Elena
  • Traverso Eleanora

Project Coordinator

Serena Cecco, Contract professor at Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici CIELS

foto_cecco_serenaSerena Cecco is a professional interpreter and translator. She teaches consecutive and simultaneous interpreting from English into Italian at the university for interpreters and translators Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici CIELS. She also teaches simultaneous interpreting EN<>ITA for the MA in interpreting studies at UNINT Rome at the Campus in Padua. She obtained her degree in Conference Interpreting in English, German and Portuguese at the Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori of the University of Trieste. She is very interested in researching and experimenting new and more involving teaching methods in interpreting and supports terminological studies and research as a fundamental part of the training of an interpreter and a translator.

External Experts

Michele Di Bari

Michele Di Bari is now a contract professor of comparative public law at SPGI Department, University of Padova (MA course).
He is also professor of International Organization and Human Rights at CIELS.
Michele Di Bari has been a reseacher at both the University of Trento and Padova in Comparative Public Law, mainly focusing on fundamental freedoms and the role of Supreme Courts in human rights protection.
Michele Di Bari received his PhD in International Studies from the University of Trento, Italy in April 2012.  He enrolled in the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization (2006-07) after he graduated in  International Relations and Human Rights at the University of Padova (2006).
Michele Di Bari is particularly interested in those legal issues related to the protection of fundamental rights at constitutional, supranational (EU level), and international level.
One of his main field of analysis concerns the attitude of judges vis-Ă -vis the application of fundamental principles in those contexts where the meaning of rights is still unclear.
During his PhD research period, Dr Di Bari has focused on the legal recognition of same-sex unions within the EU, analyzing how judges at different levels of adjudication have so far approached this issue in the light of the principle of equality nationally, supranationally, and internationally defined.  His doctoral thesis on this subject has been published in 2012.

Sabrina Camera

Honorary judge at the Venice Surveillance Court and a criminologist. She studied Law and European Law at the Carlo BoUniversity of Urbino. She attended the international Master in Criminological-Forensic Studies at La Sapienza University, Rome organised by the Medicine and Surgery Department. She teaches criminal and criminological training courses at the Ministry of Justice and vocational courses for penitentiary and local police. She teaches Criminal and Penitentiary Law at the university for interpreters and translators Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici CIELS (Padua, Mantua and Milan). She chairs and organises national and international conferences and has written articles and essays in the legal and criminological fields.

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