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Our translation students have always had terminology research as an option for their thesis. Now, in collaboration with TermCoord they are also being afforded the opportunity to work in a real setting and contribute their research to the InterActive Terminology for Europe (IATE) database. Before getting started, TermCoord provides them with an extensive list of various topics. After choosing a topic and obtaining access to the internal IATE database, students then discuss their chosen topic with an expert from the European Parliament, who also acts as their supervisor. They agree on a list of 50 terms and then provide a definition and context in both English and German for each term. The final results are sent to TermCoord, and after a final check, verification and validation process by the European terminologists the new terms are imported into IATE.

The terminology work is carried out by MA students preparing to write their Master’s thesis at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and counts as part of their postgraduate degree in Translation Studies. At the moment the programme is only offered to MA students of the English Department but it could be extended in the future to other departments as well.

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  • Keller, Nicole

Project Coordinator

Dr. Nicole Keller: Lecturer at the Institute of Translation and Interpreting

nicole_bw_200x200Dr. Nicole Keller is a lecturer in the English Department of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. She teaches specialised translation with a focus on medicine, terminology work as well as terminology and translation management tools. She is responsible for addressing enquiries pertaining to all aspects of electronic tools for translators. She holds a degree as Diplom-Übersetzer, graduate translator, for English and Spanish from the University of Heidelberg and works as a freelance translator as well as providing trainings for computer-aided translation and terminology management tools. She is a member of the German society for terminology (DTT = Deutscher Terminologie-Tag) and the European Association for Technical Communication (tekom Europe e.V). She regularly publishes articles in the MDÜ (a specialised journal for translators and interpreters of the German translator and interpreters’ association) and in the journal of the German society for terminology (DTT).

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