University of Warsaw for IATE: Terms and Appellations in MEPs’ CVs

University of Warsaw for IATE


Short presentation of the project

The aim of the project was both to engage BA students in terminology work and to contribute to the IATE term base with well-documented and reliable terms. For this purpose, we were offered access to the internal IATE interface as well as provisional term lists prepared by the Polish PE translation unit. The team’s task was to provide Polish equivalents to the English expressions accompanied by, depending on the type of unit, a definition or context in both English and Polish.

The vocabulary covered by the project was divided into three groups: administrative and governmental units, political parties, and honours and decorations. Since the expressions came from the CVs of Members of the European Parliament from all member states, they referred to institutions particular to various cultures and political systems. Therefore we were in fact bound to work not only with English, but also with other EU languages in order to ascertain the original meaning of each term and to identify the most fitting Polish equivalent.

The University of Warsaw’s IATE project was carried out by BA students in their second and third year of the programme in Applied Linguistics, Specialised Translation and Interpreting, taught at the Institute of Specialised and Intercultural Communication, Faculty of Applied Linguistics. The team consisted of the members of the Terminographic Section of the student study group BAJT. The group presented the results of the project during the Faculty of Applied Linguistics’ internal conference in Warsaw in March 2017. Moreover, one of the participants made it the subject of her BA thesis, which she successfully defended in June 2017.

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  • Julia Dobczyńska
  • Iga Drężek
  • Grażyna Guzek
  • Dorota Kędzior
  • Piotr Prokop
  • Zuzanna Wójcik
  • Paulina Zielińska

Project Coordinator

Warsaw Uni

Weronika Szemińska, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw

Dr. Weronika Szemińska is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Specialised and Intercultural Communication of the University of Warsaw. She obtained her PhD in Linguistics and her Master’s degree in Specialised Translation and Interpreting from the University of Warsaw. She has published several articles and given numerous conference presentations in the fields of terminography, specialised translation and text linguistics.

External experts

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