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In the framework of our collaboration with universities from all over the world, TermCoord works jointly with the University of Parthenope (Naples, Italy) on various food-related terminology projects. Students from the University of Parthenope provided terms in Italian, Spanish and French for the Novel Foods and New Eating Habits sub-domain.

Since 2020, the PhD students from this same university also write, once per month, an article on an Italian culinary speciality. TermCoord publishes it as part of the IATE Food Term of the Week initiative launched in 2016 and which purpose is to write on a very specific dish from a country or a region in order to make it discover to all of our readers.

The teacher Raffaella Antinucci, professor of English Literature at the University of Parthenope and writer of a collection of essays on the terminology of traditional Neapolitan arts and crafts (Cambridge Scholars, 2019) supervises the project.

This project is a way to promote the terminology of gastronomy and to spread European culinary culture and richness, also linked to European cultural traditions.

With more than 40 articles written until 2022, this cooperation is going strong and we created an e-book collecting all of the articles written by the PhD students of the University of Parthenope.

Click here to read the I-ATE Food Terminology E-Book!