YourTerm MARE

The terminology project “YourTerm Mare” covers the fields of fish and selfish species and maritime fields such as ship construction, maritime law and security. TermCoord will work with several universities and the EU Agencies EFCA, based in Vigo, EMSA, based in Lisbon, with the UN Organisations IMO and FAO and with “Translators Without Borders”.

For the species field, TermCoord will cooperate for this terminology project with the Faculty of Philology & Translation of the University of Vigo and the project will be launched on the catalogue published by Conxemar based on the terminology work of Dr. Inmaculada Anaya (University of Vigo).

For the maritime safety and ship construction, TermCoord will collaborate with:

  • the University Parthenope of Naples: Linguists and terminologists of the Department of Economic and Legal Studies, as well as PhD students of the course in “European Languages and Specialised Terminologies”, will contribute with terminology concerning naval and port operations (i.e. types of ships, ship components, technological equipment, tugging and other port maneuvers, etc).
  • the Hellenic American University of Athens

The terminology project will be launched based on the collection of terms prepared by Maria-Jose Palos Caravina, terminologist at the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union, in cooperation with EMSA.

TermCoord will make available all relevant terminology coming from EU translation services.