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The following selection of books is our proposal for readings where you can find and consult useful material related to this area. You can also find the two booklets that TermCoord has been preparing with all the interviews to prominent terminologists.

The list is regularly updated in order to have the latests readings available on our website. The selection we are proposing you have readings in different languages such as French, English, Spanish, Dutch, German or Italian among others.


Marcel Thelen, Frieda Steurs     Terminology in Everyday Life (2010)


Amparo Alcina Teaching and Learning Terminology. New strategies and methods (2009)

Terminologie de la traduction

Jean Delisle, Hannelore Lee-Jahnke and Monique C. Cormier Terminologie de la Traduction


Antonella Distante  English throughout the international relations, security and defence framework

lexicographie et terminologie

 Marie-Claude L’Homme and Sylvie Vandaele Lexicographie Et Terminologie: Compatibilite Des Modeles Et Des Methodes (2007)


H. Victor Conde  A Handbook of International Human Rights Terminology (2004)


Giovanni Villa  Dizionario esplicativo di inglese giuridico (2015)

terminologie-i analyser des termes et des concepts

Jean-Jacques Briu Terminologie (I): analyser des termes et des concepts

essays on terminology

Alain Rey  Essays on Terminology (1995)


Lynne Bowker Lexicography, Terminology, and Translation (2006)


Izabela Jędrzejowska Constitutional terminology in transition: the drifting semantics of the supranational discourse under negotiation

lexicography and terminology

Olga Karpova, Faina Kartashkova Lexicography and Terminology: A Worldwide Outlook (2009)


Juan C. Sager A Practical Course in Terminology Processing  (1990)

application-driven term engineering

Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Anne Condamines and M. Teresa Cabré Castellví Application-Driven Terminology Engineering (2007)


Sue Ellen Wright and Gerhard Budin Handbook of Terminology Management (2001)


Kyo Kageura The Dynamics of Terminology (2002)


Harold Somers Terminology, LSP and Translation (1996)

uniform terminologie

Gianmaria Ajani and Martin Ebers Uniform Terminology for European Contract Law


Danuta Kierzkowska National Language Law versus International Unification of Law

terms in context

Jennifer Pearson Terms in Context (1998)

terminology and language planning

Bassey E. Antia Terminology and Language Planning (2000)

medical terminology systems

Barbara A. Gylys, Mary Ellen Wedding Medical Terminology Systems: A Body Systems Approach (2012)

curso basico de terminologia

Lidia Almeida Barros Curso Básico de Terminologia

entre signe et concept

Loïc Depecker Entre signe et concept: éléments de terminologie générale (2002)

sens en terminologie

Henri Béjoint, Philippe Thoiron Le sens en terminologie (2000)

Language in International Business

Rebecca Piekkari, Denice E. Welch, Lawrence S. Welch Language in International Business
The Multilingual Reality of Global Business Expansion (2014)

towards new ways of terminology description

Rita Temmerman Towards New Ways of Terminology Description (2000)

working with specialised language

Lynne Bowker, Jennifer Pearson Working with Specialized Language: A Practical Guide to Using Corpora/a> (2002)

manual de documentacion

Consuelo Gonzalo García, Consuelo Gonzalo García Manual de documentación y terminología para la traducción especializada (2004)

pri terminologia

Wera Blanke Pri terminologia laboro en Esperanto. Elektitaj publikajhoj  (2013)


Robert Dubuc Manuel pratique de terminologie

quantitative analysis of the dynamics and structure of terminologies

Kyō Kageura The Quantitative Analysis of the Dynamics and Structure of Terminologies

terminologie multilingue

Rachele Raus La terminologie multilingue : La traduction des termes de l’égalité H/F dans le discours international

maria teresa

Maria-Teresa Cabre LA TERMINOLOGIE. Théorie, méthodes et applications


Robert Dubuc Terminology: A Practical Approach

Hendrik J. Kockaert and Frieda Steurs Handbook of Terminology (2015)


Diego Schtutman Catalogue of the Terminology Collection of the European Parliament’s Historical Library (2015)


Catherine Resche Terminologie domaines spécialisés (2010)


Noa Talaván Zanón A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation (2012)


Eugen Wüster, Heribert Picht, Klaus D. Schmitz Terminologie und Wissensordnung (2001)


Eugen Wüster, Richard Baum Einführung in die allgemeine Terminologielehre und terminologische Lexikographie (1991)


Petra Drewer, Donatella Pulitano, Klaus-Dirk Schmitz Terminologiearbeit: Best Practices 2.0 (Ordner) (2014)


Klaus-Dirk Schmitz, Daniel Straub Erfolgreiches Terminologiemanagement im Unternehmen (2016)


Christer Laurén, Heribert Picht Ausgewählte Texte zur Terminologie (1993)


KÜDES Empfehlungen für die Terminologiearbeit (2002)


Ingo Hohnhold Übersetzungsorientierte Terminologiearbeit (1990)


Lothar Hoffmann Fachsprachen. : ein internationales Handbuch zur Fachsprachenforschung und Terminologiewissenschaft (1999)


Reiner Arntz, Heribert Picht, Klaus-Dirk Schmitz Einführung in die Terminologiearbeit (2014)


Abolfazl Zarnikhi Towards a Systemic Model for Terminology Planning (2017)


Frieda Steurs Taal is business


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