Download IATE for External Users

IATE is a living database, i.e. translators and terminologists are continuously updating its content. Using the IATE search interface ( or the IATE search APIs thus ensures that you are accessing the most complete and up-to-date data. However, if you have a specific need, e.g. you are conducting linguistic research, you can also select and download a subset of the data contained in IATE.

Data can be downloaded in TBX (TermBase eXchange, ISO 30042:2019) or CSV format and the following filtering criteria are available:

  • language code (one or several EU languages)
  • domain (one or several domains, with its subdomains)
  • collections (one or several collections, users can search by keyword, institution and creation date range)
  • term type (term, abbreviation, short form, phrase, formula, lookup)
  • evaluation (preferred, admitted, obsolete, deprecated, proposed)
  • reliability (1 to 4 stars)

No specific sorting of entries is applied in the downloaded datasets.

The requested datasets are available for download 7 days.

For information on the data structure and the data categories included in the download file, please see: IATE data fields explained

You need to log in to use this feature.
You can create a user account in the EU Login platform to access IATE as an external guest user by clicking on the ‘Log on’ button at the top-right of the screen.
Click here to create an EU Login account.

Conditions for use

You are allowed to reproduce the data available for download from this page for your personal needs, to distribute it for non-commercial and commercial purposes, and to make and distribute derivative works, provided the source is acknowledged as follows:
Download IATE, European Union, [year].

You are not allowed to reproduce or distribute the Download IATE page or the IATE logo without prior permission.

You can find on our YouTube channel the tutorial on how to download IATE. To access directly the tutorial, click on the image:


For more information on the IATE download, please contact