TermCoord in Conferences

We organise presentations of our service for universities and other external bodies, both in Luxembourg and in other locations across Europe, in order to promote the EP terminology work and to exchange terminology material and know-how.

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  • 29-30/10/2016: Thessaloniki Polyglot Conference – The Cultural Aspects of Multilingual EU Legislation
  • 27-28/10/2016: Brussels Translating Europe Forum – Communication Technologies for Terminology Cooperation (presentation unavailable)
  • 30/09/2016: Luxembourg ALTI, 1re JournĂ©e Luxembourgeoise de la Traduction et de l’InterprĂ©tation – Association luxembourgeoise des traducteurs et interprètesIn Termino Qualitas, Terminology in EP
  • 23-25/09/2016: 1st International Conference on Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders in Athens – Our common terminology: the linguistic passport for a united Europe
  • 15/09/2016: International Conference  – Terminology at the Beginning of the New Century: Theoretical and Practical Aspects in Rivne, Ukraine – Terminology in EP and EU Institutions
  • 14/06/2016: European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) workshop at the University of Luxembourg – Multilingual EU legislation: a multicultural challenge
  • 03/06/2016: 6th Conference of the Lithuanian Terminology Forum (LTF), Vilnius – The European Parliament shares its Terminology with the citizens
  • 26-28/05/2016: TransInt, Translation and Interpreting: Convergence, Contact, Interaction, Trieste – Terminology at the European Parliament
  • 19/05/2016: Jessica Mariani’s lecture at the University of Luxembourg – The battle over language in the press: Why Terminology matters in Journalism
  • 22/04/2016: Remote International Conference about Terminology and Translation, Mariupol State University, Ukraine – Terminology: a communicative and academic approach (EN EL)
  • 28/03/2016: Presentation at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Terminology in the European Institutions (Greek)
  • 04/03/2016: Terminology and Culture DTT Symposion, Mannheim – Multilingual EU legislation – A Multicultural Challenge (EN DE)

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  • 09-10/12/2013: University of Bologna, Forlì
  • 28-30/10/2013: TIA conference, Paris
  • 18/09/2013: University of Vienna
  • 17/09/2013: “Round Table: Babel? Die Sprachen des Rechts in Europa”, Vienna
  • 12/07/2013: Seminar “Terminology for translators” at the Saarland University, SaarbrĂĽcken (view presentation)
  • 17/06/2013: Indian Parliament
  • 24/05/2013: Celebration of the 60 years of the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Thessaloniki, where Rodolfo Maslias, Head of TermCoord, made his initial studies. Rodolfo (view presentation)
  • 25/03/2013: Visit of Ms. Angelique ANTONOVA, Associate professor, St. Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, and Mr. Vladimir SHEBANOV, Development Director, ROID
  • 13/03/2013: Presentation of EP’s TermCoord to the CdT
  • 08/03/2013: Presentation for students and professors of the University of Luxembourg
  • 28/02/2013: Presentation of terminology work done at the CdT, Maria Jose Palos Caravina (view presentation)
  • 27/02/2013: Presentation in workshop to DLA on Euramis, terminology and terminology search tools (Brussels)
  • 13/02/2013: Visit of the University of Mons (Belgium)