Banner Speech-to-Text Unit

The Speech-to-Text Unit (S2T) started to provide real-time speech-to-text conversion and simultaneous machine translation services to parliamentary committees (mainly to PETI and FEMM) and to plenary sessions in 2022.

In order for their software to be able to produce high quality conversion and machine translation in real time, they need targeted terminological material: relevant texts (i.e. text that are thematically related to the topics to be discussed during the committee meeting or plenary session) in as many languages as possible and targeted termbases containing the relevant terms in as many languages as possible.

For this the S2T Unit needs the assistance of TermCoord. Their requests usually arrive with a very short deadline and the terminological research (to find the relevant texts in many languages in the EP’s repositories and to find the relevant terms in IATE) is a particular challenge. Nevertheless, TermCoord manages to provide such material to S2T in due time and contributes significantly to their success. The S2T Unit intends to extend its services to more and more committee meetings and plenary sessions.