Traineeships in the European Institutions

European Parliament Traineeships

Traineeships for university graduates (called Robert Schuman traineeships)

Please note that from 2019 onwards translation traineeships will be integrated into the Schuman traineeships. Applicants for traineeships in the field of translation should therefore, from now on, consult the link for Schuman traineeships.

European Commission Traineeships

1. Translation traineeships: five-month translation traineeship at the European Commissions’ Directorate-General for Translation.

2. Administrative traineeship: five-month official in-service training with the Commission of the European Union.

Council of the European Union

1. Paid traineeships: five-month traineeships within a specific department of the Council. The trainee might be assigned to attend meetings of working parties, draft minutes and carry out preparatory work or research on a particular subject.

2. Compulsory training period as part of a student’s studies: unpaid traineeships for third, fourth or fifth year students of a higher education establishment or university and whose programme of studies requires a period of training to be undertaken.

European Court of Auditors

General traineeship: five-month traineeships to obtain practical training in the activities of the European Court of Auditors.

The Court of Justice of the European Union

1. Traineeships in interpreting : ten to twelve week long traineeships primary aimed at newly qualified conference interpreters whose language combination is of interest to the Interpretation Directorate.

2. General traineeships: up to five-month long traineeships generally undertaken in the Research and Documentation Directorate, the Press and Information Service or the Directorate-General for Translation. Applicants must hold a degree in law or political sciences.

European Economic and Social Committee

Committee of the Regions

European Central Bank

Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union