Traineeships in TermCoord

TermCoord offers 2 posts of traineeship in the field of Terminology and Communication. Our ideal candidates should have a double qualification and experience in both terminology and communication.

As a trainee in the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament you will learn how to work in the EU’s terminology database IATE and how to retrieve/export termbases for integrating into computer-assisted translation tools. You will have to extract terminology (manually or with term extraction tools) from relevant texts in the fields of activities of the EU and the EP in particular, to research these terms and prepare topical projects. You will also use corpus analysis tools for the creation of specific terminology projects.

You will gain managerial experience participating in the coordination of projects for translation trainees in the 24 EU Languages, write or evaluate articles on terminology for our public website and browse the web for relevant terminology sources suitable for integration into the search engines accessible in the EP. You will also have an important coordinator’s role in our cooperation with universities worldwide in the framework of the project “Terminology without borders” and manage the respective website.

You will do trainings and presentations and create tutorials and podcasts. You will also have to engage in communication with academia, external terminology experts, professionals working in linguistic areas and people in general who are interested in terminology, translation, languages, multilingualism etc. And you will undertake the website management (web editing, website statistics, website maintenance, SEO etc.), writing and publishing articles, collecting resources from the internet, and managing our social media presence.

For more information visit the Schuman traineeships page where you can also apply to become a translation trainee.

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