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tildeTilde Terminology – services: terminology extraction and lookup in the cloud – about 5 million standardised and reliable terms; cloud facilities for terminology management and sharing; integrated terminology recognition and lookup in Translation Environment Tools: SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast Anywhere, OmegaT, memoQ.
CaptureTermNet – TermNet is an international association of organizations, companies and institutions with an interest in all things that can be described by the term “terminology”
Capture1TermWiki.com is an online terminology portal that allows users to search, upload, translate and share terms and definitions with other users (over 100 languages).
CaptureTERMCAT (CA, ES, EN) – Catalan Centre for Terminology
CaptureTerminology Forum: is a global non-profit information forum for for freely available terminological information online.
CaptureGlossarissimo! (EN) – Monolingual and multilingual resources and terminology for translators and interpreters
CaptureTerminologia etc. (IT) – Terminology, localisation, translation and linguistics by Licia Corbolante
CaptureBik Terminology (EN) – Terminology training and consultancy by Barbara Inge Karsch


German and Slovak Law

netherladns isti

Dutch Language Institute’s – Centre of Expertise for Dutch Terminology hosts a rather impressive amount of links, resources and knowledge about Terminology
WordLooWordLo – terminology blog by Maria Pia Montoro
InmyowntermsIn My Own Terms (EN, ES, FR, PT) – by Patricia Brenes, a terminology lover who offers a one-stop window for Terminology as a discipline and terminology as a practice.
UntitledThe Interpreter Diaries – blog by Michelle Hof, professional conference interpreter and trainer.
anacabralIndie. Ana Words – blog by Ana Cabral
UntitledBlog di EUROTERMINOLOGIA  – blog by Prof. Manuela Cipri Castorina, in collaboration with Olga Jeczmyk and Antonio Taglialatela


The téarma.ie project: This is the national terminology database for Irish, managed by the Gaois research group in Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge (DCU) in partnership with the Terminology Committee, Foras na Gaeilge.
TermScienceTermsciences: is a terminology portal developed by INIST in association with LORIA and ATILF. Its aim is to promote, pool and share the terminological resources (specialist vocabularies, dictionaries, thesaurus) of public sector research and further education establishment to thus create a common terminological reference resource.
EURLEXGlossaries from EU institutions and bodies: a compilation of nearly 300 glossaries on various topics of EU legislation such as agriculture, taxation, migration or technology, containing relevant EU jargon, many of them in all 24 official EU languages.
tildeTilde Terminology: terminology extraction and lookup in the cloud – about 5 million standardised and reliable terms; cloud facilities for terminology management and sharing; integrated terminology recognition and lookup in Translation Environment Tools: SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast Anywhere, OmegaT, memoQ.
IATEIATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe): the European Union’s terminology database. It includes more than 9 million terms in the 23 official EU languages. The terms are submited by translators from European institutions and then verified by the linguistic department’s terminologists. It is available online free of charge.
ETBEuroTermBank: a free online terminology resource in 27 languages
CaptureEuroVoc: a multilingual, multidisciplinary thesaurus covering the activities of the EU, the European Parliament in particular. It contains terms in 22 EU languages
UNTERMUNTerm is the United Nation’s terminology database. It contains technical and specialized terminology in each of the six official UN languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin and Arabic) as well as phrases frequently used by the Organization.
faoFAO Term Portal: the Food and Agricutlure Organization of the United Nations’ terminology portal. It contains more than 80,000 entries in the six official languages of the United Nations (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin).
UNGTERMUNOGwTerm: this six-language database was compiled from the many and diverse glossaries developed over the years by UNOG terminologists. It is being made available on the Internet to facilitate the efforts of people who participate in the work of the United Nations but do not have access to the UNOG Intranet.
CaptureUNESCOTERM: the UNESCO terminology database in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
CaptureUNHCR: The International Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology
CaptureWTOTERM is the terminology database created by the World Trade Organization (WTO). Searches can be carried out in and equivalences can be found in French, English, and Spanish. The terms included pertain to the field of international trade. [username: trasearch – password: tra@search].
CaptureESCWA Glossary: the on-line terminology database contains official titles of bodies as well as technical terminology in ESCWA (UN) fields of work in 3 official languages (English, Arabic and French), with an English and Arabic interface.
CaptureVINTARS: the terminology database of the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV) in 7 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Russian and Spanish).
CaptureUN interpreters’ glossaries
CaptureUN Resolutions: Terminology of UN Resolutions in a searchable database format (AEFS)
CaptureOECD Terminology
CaptureMultiTes (World Bank Thesauri)
CaptureITU (Telecommunications) Terms and Definitions: online database providing access to all the abbreviations and acronyms, terms and definitions contained in the ITU Publications in 6 languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish).
CaptureILOterm: an invaluable working tool for linguists, provides English, French, Spanish, and/or German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese equivalents of terms in the social and labour fields (login: guest, no password if prompted).
ILO The ILO Thesaurus is a compilation of more than 4000 terms relating to the world of work, in English, French, and Spanish. It contains terms on a wide variety of topics related to economic and social development
CaptureIMF Terminology: Contains over 4,500 records of terms useful to translators working with IMF material. It provides versions of terms in a number of languages, without definitions.
CaptureLexicool (NATO terminology)
TermiumTERMIUM Plus is the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank provided to the public free of charge. On top of term records made by the Translation Bureau’s language professionals in French, English and Spanish, it also includes 14 electronic resources for writing and translating.
GDTLe grand dictionnaire terminologique is a terminological dictionary created by the Office québécois de la langue française. It includes French, English and Latin terms from a variety of fields.
CaptureMicrosoft Language Portal (IT) a bi-lingual search portal for finding translations of key Microsoft terms and general IT terminology. It contains approx. 25,000 defined terms, including English definitions, translated in up to 100 languages.
CaptureElectropedia is the world’s leading online electrical and electronic database containing more than 20 000 terms and definitions in English and French organized by subject area, with equivalent terms in German and Spanish. Electropedia is also known as the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary online or IEV
CaptureMETEOTERM: is the World Meteorological Organization”s terminology database. It contains specialized terminology in six languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. METEOTERM includes the International Meteorological Vocabulary, the International Glossary of Hydrology, and terms from related sciences that appear in WMO documents.
CaptureTermWiki.com: a rapidly growing online terminology portal that allows users to search, upload, translate and share terms and definitions with other users around the globe. Peer edits and worldwide collaboration help foster a database of continuously growing and updated terminology, as well as term translations in over 100 languages.
CaptureTERMCAT: Catalan Centre for Terminology(CA, ES, EN)

Online Browsing Platform: searches for terminology in ISO Standards.

CaptureFranceTerme: the terminology database of the Comission générale de terminologie et de néologie (France). It covers a large number of fields related to the science and technology industries.
CaptureTERMPOST: (click on “Access to TERMPOST”) The terminology database of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 5 languages (English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish).
CaptureTHE GLOBAL FUND Terminology: the terminology database of the (Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria) mainly in 4 languages (English, French, Russian and Spanish).
CaptureTOURISTERM: the terminology database of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish.
CaptureProz.Com term search: Searchable glossaries in many languages pairs and domains created by a network of translators.
CaptureMultilingual REACH and CLP terminology database ECHA-term (Chemistry): terminology of the Institute for Health and Consumer Protection – (JRC-IHCP), European Commission.
CaptureMINÉFITERM: The terminology database of the Translation Centre at the Ministry for the Economy, Finance and Industry and the Ministry for the Budget, Public Accounts, the Civil Service and State Reform (France) in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
CaptureONTERM: The bilingual knowledge-based database of the Ontario government, Canada. It provides also references and useful resources.
CaptureSICE: Multilingual dictionaries of trade terms compiled by the Organization of American State’s Foreign Trade Information System (SICE).
CaptureTERMISTI: The TERMISTI Research Centre, Higher Institute for Translators and Interpreters. Provides sets of searchable glossaries in the languages pairs French-English and French-Spanish, and one each in French-Dutch and English-French-German-Italian-Spanish.
CaptureTERMDAT: The terminology database of the Swiss Federal Administration.
CaptureTaaS: a sustainable cloud-based platform that provides various terminology services for key terminology tasks. This platform has an aim to simplify the process for language workers to prepare, store and share of task-specific multilingual term glossaries, as well as to provide instant access to term translation equivalents and translation candidates through computer-assisted translation tools.
 SAPTERM: The terminology database of the multinational software corporation SAP SE.
WIPO WIPO Pearl: WIPO’s multilingual terminology portal gives access to scientific and technical terms derived from patent documents.
EuskaltermBasque Public Term Bank. It contains thousands of terms in Basque, Spanish, English, French and German.
UntitledSTRUNA termbase: Croatian Special Field terminology
rikRikstermbanken: Sweden’s national term bank
HOGS Hogskoleradet: The Norwegian Association of Higher Educations Institutions, UHR’s Termbase for Norwegian higher education institutions
GentGenTerm: University of Gent
University of MaltaUniversity of Malta: Termbase digitization project for neurology and genetics
Croatian terminlogy portalCroatian Terminology Database
NATONATOTerm: the Official NATO Terminology Database
WesternBalkanEU terminology in the languages of the Western Balkan countries
(Evroterm, Evronim, BiHterm,Monterm, ALterm).

Sierterm UEMDAMT  (University of Montreal): a multilingual dictionary grouping the concepts of globalization, economics and social issues pertaining to the field of Industrial Relations. It includes some 6000 terms.

Information System for Legal Terminology – bistro: Information System for Legal Terminology of the Institute for Applied Linguistics at Eurac Research in Bozen-Bolzano (Italy). It contains multilingual terminological entries (about 11,200) on legal and administrative terminology in Italian, German and Ladin (in its two variants spoken in Val Badia and Val Gardena), which are based on a legal comparison between the Italian legal system and the German, Austrian, Swiss, EU and international legal systems. bistro was fully revamped in 2016.
terminologueTerminologue is an open-source terminology management tool. The software is developed and maintained by the Gaois research group in Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge, Dublin City University.

Other resources

BabelNet is both a multilingual encyclopedic dictionary, with lexicographic and encyclopedic coverage of terms in 50 languages, and an ontology which connects concepts and named entities in a very large network of semantic relations, made up of more than 9 million entries.

Inventerm: Inventaire des terminologies disponibles dans Internet; ce n’est pas une banque de terminologie; contient 1935 sites indexés et près de 600000 termes. Fruit d’une collaboration entre le Rifal et l’ OQLF.

ISO Concept Database. Three search options: Terms, Graphical sympbols, Codes. At the Terms field, you can search by term criteria: Term, Definition, Term Type, Normative Status.

Redaction_de définitions_terminologiques_2009: An interesting terminology rules guide published by Office québéçois de la langue français.

Terminometro: Terminometro is the electronic news bulletin dealing with terminology, translation, languages and linguistics, languages industries and techno-scientific information. It has been on the internet since November 1997. Terminometro offers articles, reports, presentations of new books, specialized publications and information on the origin of the Latin Union as well as some details on regional and minority languages. While Terminometro now concentrates exclusively on terminology, previous editions containing broader coverage in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Associations and networks

CeRTeM – Faculty of Languages and Literature in Genoa: Terminology and terminography have seen an extraordinary development and the Italian Faculty of Languages and Literature in Genoa has contributed significantly to the formation of an active center of terminology research.

Cours de terminologie-terminographie:
Introducere in terminologie, Busuioc Ileana & Cucu Madalina, Universitatea din Bucuresti 2003.
Prefaţă: “L’importance culturelle et économique de la terminologie n’est plus à démontrer. La Roumanie, comme tous les pays candidats à l’accession, prend la mesure des enjeux liés à la désignation en langue roumaine des concepts clé de l’acquis communautaire. Les entreprises découvrent l’importance d’une maîtrise rigoureuse de la terminologie commerciale, juridique et technique dans la rédaction des contrats et la réalisation de la documentation d’accompagnement de leurs produits.[…]”

Croatian Terminology Portal: The Croatian Terminology Portal is the focal point for all available contemporary terminological resources in the Croatian language.

European Association for Terminology: The European Association for Terminology is a non-profit professional organisation for the terminology sector in Europe in particular. It is designed to further plurilingualism through terminology, to provide a European platform for promoting and professionalising terminological activities and improving awareness of them, and to liaise and cooperate actively with other relevant organisations, associations and institutions at all levels.

Infoterm: Infoterm, the International Information Centre for Terminology, was founded in 1971 by contract with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), with the objective to support and co-ordinate international co-operation in the field of terminology.Members are international, regional or national terminology institutions, organizations and networks, as well as specialized public or semi-public or other non-profit institutions engaged in terminological activities.

International Annual Meeting on Language Arrangements, Documentation and Publications(IAM LADP): The International Annual Meeting on Language Arrangements, Documentation and Publications (IAMLADP) is a forum and network of managers of international organizations employing conference and language services providers – mainly translators and interpreters. Its membership includes the United Nations, other organizations of the UN system and inter-governmental and supra-national organizations.

International Network for Terminology: TermNet, the International Network for Terminology, is an international co-operation forum for companies, universities, institutions and associations who engage in the further development of the global terminology market. The products and services of this market are considered and promoted by TermNet as integral and quality assuring parts of any product and service in the areas of a) information & communication, b) classification & categorization as well as c) translation & localization.

The Joint Inter-Agency Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology (JIAMCATT), renamed in April 2006 to International Annual Meeting on Computer-Assisted Translation and Terminology (JIAMCATT), provides its partners with a forum for debate, exchange of expertise and cooperation in the fields of computer-assisted terminology and translation, interpretation and documentation retrieval. It works to establish a proprietary terminology and information repository common to all participating organizations.

Language industry web platform (LIND-Web): here you will find facts and figures on the EU language industry. These are provided by language professionals, industry stakeholders and EU institutions. Our knowledge base is for all language professionals and relies on their input. It is managed by DG Translation, which checks the quality of the documents uploaded.

Portalingua : Observatoire des langues dans la connaissance.

Terminology Forum: This is a forum for those who are interested in principles and methods of terminological research and work. Terminology work is practiced in many companies and organisations, terminology centres and standardizing organisations etc. Translators, subject specialists, terminologists, librarians, LSP teachers, information specialists and many others are involved with searching, using and collecting terminologies.

VALITER: Spanish terminology network created by terminologists and translators working in European institutions and in the academic and private sectors. (in Spanish).

European ComissionEuropean Commission – Translation and Drafting resources: Stuck for a term in an EU language? Need background information on the EU and its member countries? Here’s our pick of links you may find useful (for every EU language).
StanzaTranslation Times – The entrepreneurial linguists and translating twins blog about the business of translation from Las Vegas and Vienna.
StanzaThoughts on Translation – an online gathering place for freelance translators.
Ca5pture20.000 Lenguas (ES) – trilingual translation, interpreting and localization blog (mostly in Spanish but also in English and Italian) run by a former termcoordie Olga Jeczmyk, a professional translator, interpreter and social media manager, more known as @OlgaJeNo on Twitter
blogSur les seuils du traduire (FR) – blog run by José Yuste Frías, Universidad de Vigo (Spain)
about translationAbout Translations (EN) – information, news and opinions about professional translation
words-to-go-effectWords to good effect (EN) – translation, writing, web content, usability, accessibility, language, business and books
style guideInterinstitutional Style Guide uniform stylistic rules and conventions which must be used by all EU institutions
european society for translationEST (EN) – European Society for Translation Studies
bab.la.dictionarybab.la Dictionary – many different languages, ranging from colloquial and regional expressions to more technical or field-specific vocabulary
bootheandoBootheando (ES) – blog on conference interpretation
Traducir_es_EscubrirTraducir es descubrir
signs&Symptoms of TranslationSigns and symptoms of translation
Carol adventures translationCarol’s Adventures in Translation – blog run by Caroline Alberoni, from Alberoni Translations. A qualified professional translator working from English and Italian into Brazilian Portuguese
text-appealTextappeal – blog about culture shock topics, transcreation, best practises, a global marketing podcast, etc.
Business Dictionary ApplicationBusiness Dictionary (English-Macedonian and Macedonian-English) by Aneta Naumoska
Capture12 Translation blog (EN) – offers good advice for translators with many specializations (although mostly focused on German culture)
Capture10Linguistic blog (EN) – provides an overview of the changes influencing languages and curiosities about many words
agatoAgato translations
E-Brochure CLT