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Rodolfo Maslias ImageRodolfo Maslias – Head of TermCoord

Born in 1957 in Thessaloniki (GR). Studied languages (mainly German, French, Spanish) and law. Post-graduate in German classical theater. Translator at the EP since 1981. ECQA certified terminology manager. Created TermCoord in 2008. Worked in secondment in cultural posts in Greece (a.o. Director of Cabinet of the Minister of Culture, Cultural Advisor to the Mayor of Athens). Visiting Professor for Terminology in several universities (a.o. Luxembourg, Italy, France, Spain).

Ida Mareckova ImageIda Mareckova – Terminology Assistant

Born in Slovakia. Translation and Interpretation studies at Comenius University in Bratislava, then completed post-graduate studies in Law and a PhD in German linguistics.  Ida came to Luxembourg in 2003, working as a translator in the Slovak Translation Unit until April 2007. From 2007, she worked in the PreTrad Unit before joining the TermCoord team in December 2018. Apart from various activities with her small son, Ida likes to swim, practicing yoga and reading.

Theodora Dourda ImageTheodora Dourda – IT Coordinator

Born in Germany, but of Greek nationality. Translation studies at Heidelberg University. Working as freelance translator and interpreter mainly in judicial field. Started working as a translator in EP in the German translation unit in 1989. Moved to SILD (now ITS) in 1997. Since September 2008 member of the Terminology Coordination Team.

Darija Brinc ImageDarija Brinc – IATE Coordinator

Daria Brinc, born in Slovenia, studied English and German and the University of Ljubljana. 2009-2015 translator and terminologist in the Slovenian translation unit. ECQA certified terminology manager.

Mercedes Mosquera ImageMercedes Mosquera Gonzalez – Administrative Assistant

Born in 1972 in Bonn, Germany. 1989-2016 lived in Madrid and studied at the Mary Ward College in Madrid for an International Executive Assistant degree.


Daniel Puppan ImageDaniel Puppan – Linguistic Coordinator

Born in Hungary. Studied chemical engineering at the Technical University in Budapest, then post-graduate studies in economics at the University of Economic Sciences in Budapest. He obtained a professional qualification in translation and interpreting  at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest. For 2 years he worked for the University of San Francisco in the environmental management programme in Budapest. He came to Luxembourg in 2003 and worked as a translator in the Hungarian Translation Unit until February 2010. From 2010 until 2017 he worked as a client liaison officer in the Planning Unit. He was in charge of economic and scientific policies and DG EPRS. In TermCoord he is a member of the IATE team and he deals with Codict.

Bozena Rudolf ImageBožena Rudolf – Assistant

Born In Slovenia, studied Theology at the University of Ljubljana, then post-graduate studies  in Political Science (American Studies). She started to work at the Council of the European Union in Brussels till July 2005, when she came to the EU Parliament in Luxembourg. She joined the Planning Unit as an assistant, dealing mainly with translation requests for the Committees, DG TRAD, Political Groups, Policy Departments and the Ombudsman. With the 1st of May 2019, she moved into a new service and became a member of the Terminology Coordination Team. Before entering into the EU Community field, she worked for the General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic Slovenia, Office for Religious Communities and prior to that for the Ministry of Agriculture (Department for EU and International Affairs), starting earlier at the main Institute for the Public Health of the State. As a young student she travelled around the whole Europe as a tourist guide, worked for the local Cable TV, liked being involved into political presidential and parliamentarian campaigns. She still likes to travel, visit a new places, play a guitar, doing some sports and riding her new electronical scooter.

Nadezhda Krasteva Image

Nadezhda Krasteva-Schaefer (Adi) – IATE Team Coordinator

Born in Sofia (Bulgaria), Adi studied law at the Sofia University and the University of Hamburg. She joined the European Parliament in 2007 and worked in the Bulgarian Translation Unit as a translator and reviser, mainly of legal texts, terminologist, Policy Sector Correspondent of Policy sectors BC and liaison on legal matters for Directorate B Translation and for the lawyer-linguists. In May 2021, Adi followed her passion for terminology and joined the TermCoord team in the EP, in which she is the chair of the IATE team, the main coordinator of the Term Extraction Task Force, the general supervisor of the network “Terminology without Borders”, and on interinstitutional level – the chair of the IATE Coordinators. Always eager to acquire new skills and explore new paths, Adi is enthusiastic about hiking, travelling, skiing and horse riding.

Jaana Bahrehvar ImageJaana Bahrehvar – Clerical officer

Born in Finland. Diploma in marketing and tourism, later continuing her studies in literature at the University of Eastern Finland and in organizational psychology at Jyväskylä Open University. When Finland joined the EU in 1995, she left her job in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and came to Luxembourg to work as an assistant in the Planning Unit (of DG TRAD). A few years later, she moved to the European Court of Auditors, where she gained experience in human resources, the library and the legal service. After passing another competition she worked for publications, audit methodology and support of audit IT tools. After 15 years in the Court, she returned to DG TRAD to work in the Dictionaries Team. Curiosity and mobility took her on short adventures to ETU, the BA Cell, DAS and the Legal service. Since October 2021, she has happily returned to book and dictionary business in the Terminology Unit. In her free time, Jaana enjoys singing and writing.


Matthew Agius – Seconded Terminologist

In 2010, while reading for his Master in Translation and Terminology Studies, Matthew began his career with the EU Institutions by completing a Bluebook Stage at the European Commission in Luxembourg. Subsequently, he worked for the European Parliament as a translator before moving to Brussels in 2012. Here, he worked for the translation services of the Council of the European Union and the Committee of the Regions until 2017. In 2018 Luxembourg beckoned again, working for DG TRAD within the European Parliament. Matthew’s hobbies and interests include, among others, chess, playing the piano and swimming.




Ioanna Mavridou ImageIoanna Mavridou

Born in Greece, Ioanna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation from the Ionian University in Corfu, working with legal, medical and technical translation. During her studies, she spent a semester abroad in the United Kingdom, at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). A communications enthusiast, Ioanna has also studied her Master’s in Communication at Gothenburg University in Sweden and has completed a professional Social Media & Digital Marketing certification. Among others, she has worked with content and communications and also as a communications volunteer at Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Special Olympics World Summer Games and the AIESEC student organization in Serbia. She speaks Greek, English, German, Russian and Swedish. She is passionate about creating content, working with SEO and keyword research, social media and digital communications.


Cecile Mayeres Image

Cécile Mayeres

Born in France, Cécile holds a Master’s degree in Translation and Cross-cultural Communication at ISIT in Paris. Passionate about languages, she likes to travel and to discover new cultures. During her studies, she participated in the Termcoord’s Terminology Without Borders project on the European Capitals of Culture. In 2019, thanks to the Erasmus Programme, she studied in Spain, at the University of Valencia and worked as a Translator in a translation agency. On her final year of studies, she attended the European mobility program in Specialized Translation (METS) and studied at the University of Salamanca in Spain and at the Swansea University in Wales. She speaks French, English and Spanish. In 2021, Cécile also did a traineeship as a Project Manager Junior for a cross-cultural management firm located in Paris.


Toffee Eleni Vanelli Image

Toffee Eleni Vanelli

Having been born in Cyprus in 1997 and living in Italy since 2002, Toffee’s bi-cultural background has determined the development of her interest in the world’s linguistic and cultural differences, which she enhanced by undertaking a linguistic-based career path. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Mediation (University of Udine) and a Master’s degree in Modern Languages for Communication and International Cooperation (University of Padua); she fluently speaks Italian, English and French, Greek, German and Spanish. Toffee has also engaged in Specialized Translation and Terminology. Especially during her Master’s degree, she has deepened her knowledge, competences and interests of the Terminology world and the European Union law. Indeed, she participated in numerous (inter)national Translation and Terminology projects, such as the European Terminology Without Borders project in 2020 and 2021.