What We Do

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Innovation, creativity, vision and, above all, determination and team spirit, all this is Terminology Coordination!

The TermCoord team’s main role is to assist translators with their day-to-day tasks and facilitate terminology research and terminology management in the translation units, as well to increase the EP’s contribution to the EU terminology database IATE.

  • we coordinate IATE and prepare different terminology projects involving the terminologists and trainees of the translation units;
  • we provide translators with different terminology and documentation tools and resources;
  • we look for new terminology and provide related glossaries and definitions for important legislative procedures;
  • we organise various training sessions and workshops, as well as larger academic seminars on terminology-related issues.
  • we cooperate with relevant services and management groups both within the Parliament and on an interinstitutional level;
  • we keep in contact with universities, terminology bodies and experts in order to share knowledge, experience and material.


Want to learn more about TermCoord?

Consult our booklet listing all the activities and goals of the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament.

The booklet covers the following subjects: IATE Activities, Proactive terminology and documentation, Seminars and trainings, Institutional cooperation, External contacts and presentations and Communications.

Interested in a traineeship in TermCoord? Consult our Traineeships Page!