Traineeships in TermCoord

TermCoord offers traineeships in our two main fields:

  • Terminology 
  • Communication and IT

For more information consult our InfoSheet or e-mail us.

Traineeships for university graduates (called Robert Schuman traineeships)

Please note that from 2019 onwards translation traineeships will be integrated into the Schuman traineeships. Applicants for traineeships in the field of translation should therefore, from now on, consult the link for Schuman traineeships.

1. Terminology traineeship:

We recommend these two types of traineeship for candidates with experience and/or interest in terminology research and management, linguistics and linguistic engineering, as well as specialty fields such as law or European studies. You would be mostly involved in terminology work in the IATE database, terminology project coordination, collecting glossaries and other resources, external contacts organization and many other terminology-related activities.

2. Communication and IT traineeship:

We recommend these scholarships for candidates who would like to be involved mostly in communications, web-editing, journalism and social media promotion activities.



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