Why is Terminology your Passion?

Interviews with terminologists from all over the world

TermCoord publishes on this webpage interviews with prominent terminologists about their activities, projects and opinions about interesting terminological issues. These interviews have been prepared by trainees of the Terminology Coordination Unit or translators/terminologists of the European Parliament and made with terminologists who have an active contribution to this discipline.

The objective of this initiative is to bring the terminology work in the spotlight and raise awareness about its importance in both monolingual and multilingual communication.

You can read the first and the second collection of interviews by clicking on the e-books image below.


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Interview with… (A-Z)

Arrowsmith, Ian by Jiayi Huang

Beijer, Michael by Müslime İlhan

Bernardini, Silvia by Giorgia Lopez

Bertaccini, Franco by Federica Cacciaglia

Blommaert, Jan by Corine Klip

Botkin, Katie by Eva Barros Campelli

Brenes, Patricia by Simona Tigris

Budin, Gerhard by Agnieszka Antosik

Cabré, María Teresa by Andreia Nuno

Castro Prieto, María Rosa by Carmela Blanco

Ciobanu, Georgeta by Matilda Soare

Corbolante, Licia by Giulia Nardini

Depecker, Loïc by Francesca Bisiani

de Saint Geroges, Ingrid by Valeriya Baranova

Drewer, Petra by Carolina Dunaevsky

Dury, Pascaline by Mioara Stroe

Edelmann, Gerhard by Wojciech Szmidt

Feder, Marcin by Aleksandra Święcicka

Fijo León, María Isabel by Lucía Socas

Gornostay, Tatiana by Iulianna van der Lek

Henripin, Danielle by Aubry Touriel

Kaniklidou, Themis by Simona Pecháňová

Karsch, Barbara Inge by Annalisa Galeone

Kirchmeier-Andersen, Sabine by Claus Skovbjerg

Kitsiou, Roula by Anna Manolaki

Kockaert, Hendrik J. by Leen Boel

Lecci, Claudia by Antonella Nardella

Lenoble-Pinson, Michèle by Michal Kováč

Lorente Casafont, Mercè by Lidia Capitan Zamora

Loupaki, Elpida by Katerina Karavasili

Magris, Marella by Claudia Deidda

Malouli Idrissi, Lina by Ana Bennasar

Maslias, Rodolfo by Konstantinos Chatzitheodorou

Maxwell, Kerry by Paul Clewett

McKean, Erin by Maria Pia Montoro

Muegge, Uwe by Raluca Caranfil

Ortega Ojeda, Gonzalo by Ana Bennasar

Peruzzo, Katia by Silvia Piparo

Pulitano, Donatella by Maria Garcia Salazar

Roche, Christophe by Soraia Monteiro

Rousseau, Louis-Jean by Lucile Mirande-Bret

Sadiqi, Fatima by Yacine Chemssi

Saint-Georges, Ingrid by Valeriya Baranova

Sánchez Ibáñez, Miguel by Marina Gutiérrez

Saridakis, Ioannis by Ioanna Kotsia

Scarpa, Federica by Maria Bregolato

Schmitz, Klaus Dirk by Matilda Soare

Steurs, Frieda by Maria Gancheva

Temmerman, Rita by Julia Sousa

Toraki, Katerina by Dimitra Tsagkogeorga

Tufis, Dan by Raluca Caranfil

Vaba, Marja by Linda Burchi

Valentini, Cristina by Ana Rita Remígio

Valeontis, Kostas by Mina Selimou

Valverde, Iñigo by Yuki Akaike Garrido

Zanola, Maria Teresa by Annalisa Galeone

Zijlstra, Folkert by Giulia Mattoni

Zorrilla, Alicia Maria by María Julia Francés

Zribi-Hertz, Anne by Michal Kováč

Zuckermann, Ghil’ad by Jin Xiaohua

Wymann, Adrian by Martina Christen

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