Interinstitutional and external cooperation

Interinstitutional cooperation


  • represents the European Parliament in interinstitutional management groups responsible for the EU terminology database IATE and for the knowledge-sharing tool ELISE;
  • participates in the interinstitutional Language Technology Watch Group, where it is responsible for the investigation and testing of automatic term-extraction tools;
  • organises regular videoconferences with the terminology coordination services of all the European Institutions;
  • organises, on request, language-specific interinstitutional videoconferences for terminologists;
  • provides, on request, training or presentations on IATE and terminology.

External cooperation


  • keeps in contact with a large number of universities, terminology bodies and experts through this website as well as through its Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter profile;
  • is member of important terminology associations, namely the European Association for Terminology (EAFT), the International Information Centre for Terminology (Infoterm) and the International Network for Terminology (TermNet);
  • participates in conferences and visits international organisations and universities giving presentations about the terminology and IATE work done at the EP and other EU Institutions;
  • welcomes groups from universities and public bodies and presents them the terminology work carried out within the EP;
  • receives university students and professors on study visits or Erasmus visits;
  • carries out pilot terminology projects with universities;
  • organises larger-scale seminars with external speakers from the academic world.