ISIT Projects

In collaboration with TermCoord, ISIT, the Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication, have created several terminology and research projects. We have on this page gathered all the projects for you too see.

ebook interviews fr

Interviews with European Culture Personalities

ISIT students Eva Gozlan, Noémie Lefèvre and Antinéa Lombard have in collaboration with TermCoord interviewed personalities from France, Spain, Germany and Italy about their cultural work and contributions.

Racontez-moi la terminologie…

The students performed the translation of the thirteen interviews they conducted with recognized terminologists under the direction of Pascale Elbaz.

YourTerm Cult

YourTerm Cultural Collaboration (in progress)

The students will gather terms concerning the European cultural capitals. It consists of a big corpus from the texts produced by the over hundred European Capitals of Culture for projects covering all fields of art.

Smart Cities – IATE Project

As part of the Applied Research Project (ARP) at ISIT, students carried out a terminology project for TermCoord. The objective was to produce a series of 30 terminology records in French and English on the theme of “smart cities”, in order to integrate them into the IATE platform.

E-book TermCoord X ISIT

As part of the research project for TermCoord, six ISIT students in the Master program in Intercultural Communication and Translation interviewed specialists in pedagogy and new technologies. Their answers to the pedagogical problems in the pandemic context and their enriching testimonies allowed to analyze this situation from a new angle.

Project “Terminologie du numérique dans l’enseignement supérieur”

TermCoord’s New Communication Project in Collaboration with ISIT Paris

The students of the Master 1 Stratégie digitale interculturelle in the area of marketing and social media were creating written and visual content for posts published on TermCoord’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.