Terminology e-Training Opportunities

Check some of the resources which will help you to focus on the most typical terminology work thanks to different Terminology e-Training opportunities.

Online Terminology Tutorials

Terminology Trainings and Workshops

Online Terminology Courses

  • Online Terminology Program¬†(Offered by IULA: certified training institute in Terminology):
    This is a postgraduate UPF-specific course offered since 2003 by the IULATERM group from the Institute for Applied Linguistics of the Pompeu Fabra University. The program has a modular structure and applicants have the option to take it fully in English or in Spanish. The program can be coursed completely online. From the 2020-2022 edition onwards, the Online Terminology Program allows students to choose from two university-specific degrees: The Online Master in Terminology (75 ECTS) and the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies: Terminology and professional needs (30 ECTS). In addition, applicants also have the option of enroling separately in just one or more than one of the modules of the program:  Online Postgraduate Course: Foundations of Terminology (15 ECTS); Diploma of Postgraduate Studies: Terminology and Professional Needs (30 ECTS); Workshop I: Methodology for Terminology Work (10 ECTS); Workshop II: Troubleshooting in Terminology Work (5 ECTS); Workshop III: Terminology Management for Translation Memories (5 ECTS); Workshop IV: Neology (5 ECTS) and TFM: Final Project (10 ECTS).
    The courses and workshops are aimed at enabling participants to acquire the necessary knowledge to become a qualified professional in the terminology field or to allow them to participate in other professional activities in which terminology plays a key role. Therefore, this Online Terminology Program is addressed to professionals such as translators and interpreters, documentalists, lexicographers and dictionary editors, editors of scientific journals, philologists and linguists interested in lexicon, teachers of languages for specific purposes, etc. The program may also be of interest to researchers in the fields of translation, terminology, linguistics, lexicography, specialised languages, language planning and machine translation, among others, as well as to future master’s or PhD students in these areas of expertise. For more information please contact iulaonline@upf.edu.
  • Methodology for Terminology Work:¬†This workshop focuses on the most typical terminology work: terminographical work. It involves carrying out a terminological project, within the setting of the Communicative Theory of Terminology (CTT). Organised by the Pompeu Fabra University.
  • ECQA Certified Terminology Manager, offered by TermNet, the International Network for Terminology: learn the basic skills required for creating, organising and managing mono-, bi- or multilingual terminology. TermNet and partner institutions offer several presence and e-learning courses every year which lead to the ECQA Certified Terminology Manager exam.¬†Read more about the European Certification and Qualification Association and all upcoming course dates:¬†http://www.termnet.org/english/products_service/ecqa_ctm.php.
  • Terminology Management Webinars, given by Uwe Muegge, terminologist and member of the technical committee for terminology at the International Organization for Standardization.
  • eCPD Webinars: they provide quality online training in the form of webinars and short training courses for translators and interpreters.
  • European Certification and Qualification Association: Learn the basic skills required for creating, organising and managing mono-, bi- or multilingual terminology. Offered by TermNet.
  • ELCAT: e-learning course in terminology management offered by Technische Hochschule K√∂ln (TH K√∂ln). Available in DE, EN, TR.
  • National Cancer Institute Cancer and Medical Terminology Course¬†gives an introduction¬†to the terminology used in¬†medical records¬†to describe cancers and other medical conditions.
  • Medical Terminology, a self-paced online course on edX that provides thorough grounding in basic medical terminology through a study of root words, prefixes and suffixes.
  • Penn Foster Online Medical Terminology Certification Course helps you to improve your medical terminology, which is an important part of working in the healthcare field.
  • Des Moines University Online Medical Technology Course¬†offers two course options – free for those interested in learning how to better understand common medical words and meanings but do not need a certificate of completion, and paid for those who need a proof of completion.
  • Universal Class Medical Terminology 101 is aimed to those interested in pursuing a health and science career requiring the ability to communicate with physicians, dentists, or other medical professionals.

Occasional Trainings and Webinars

  • The translation course “Translate in” offers advanced workshops and presentations with 8 instructors from 5 countries. Date: 5-6 August 2021.