Cooperation with universities on terminology projects

academiaSince 2012, TermCoord cooperates with terminology or language departments of universities on terminology projects for feeding IATE. It involves universities that teach terminology in the framework of a master’s course.

The students work on terminology projects, following the requirements for IATE terminology work and the respective guidelines, researching and documenting terms in a target language of their choice (among the official languages of the EU) based on one of the main source languages, English or French. The advantage for the students is that they have the opportunity to gain hands-on terminology experience and to contribute to the EU terminology database. The findings are verified by European Parliament terminologists and those that are found to be of good quality are inserted into IATE.

The cooperation is based on a standard agreement (see documents and forms below) and the number of projects is restricted according to the resources available for project preparation, verification, insertion into the database and validation. The domain covered by the participating universities can be chosen by the professors from among IATE domains in collaboration with TermCoord and the terminologists of the respective translation unit, or TermCoord can be asked to make suggestions.

If professors and students wish to pay an information visit to the European Parliament in Luxembourg in order to meet and hear about the work of our unit and the Directorate-General for Translation, TermCoord would be more than happy to welcome them and to organise a presentation.

Because of TermCoord’s limited resources, normally it takes a considerable time to insert all suitable results in IATE. Therefore, as a solution for the time until the insertion, we offer to publish the term lists or glossaries from the projects on our website in the “University projects” section, together with the name of the university, the professors and the students.

There is another possibility of cooperation with TermCoord: Masters on terminology using our IATE template and creating a glossary of minimum 50 entries, which could be added to IATE after validation by the EP terminologists of the respective language. The interested university, professor or student contacts TermCoord and informs us about the wish of a student to do such a master thesis. TermCoord contacts the terminology team of the respective Translation Unit and puts them in direct contact with the student/university. The domain can be chosen by the student or suggested by the Translation Unit according to the needs in IATE. Such master theses usually consist of a theoretical introduction on terminology management and on EU terminology and IATE, and of a glossary (bilingual or multilingual) with at least 50 concepts.

Interested departments can contact us at:


Documents and forms

Academic Cooperation in Terminology Project (EN Form)

Agreement for cooperation with universities (EN updated)

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