Terminology management tools for interpreters

Here comes an useful selection of international terminology management tools for interpreters which are glossaries and some programs accessible from different platforms. We have selected the tools and specify the authors in order to give you more information in case you should contact them. Check and enjoy our proposal:

Programbyruns on
Flashterm.euEisenrieth Dokumentations GmbHWindows, Mac, iOS and browser-based
Glossary AssistantReg Martin, Switzerlandtablets running Android 4.1 or later, phones running Android 4.2 or later, Windows based PC
InterplexPeter Sand, Eric Hartner, GenevaWindows, iOS
InterpretBankClaudio Fantinuoli, GermersheimWindows, Mac (using Crossover); Android search app (will not be further developed)
Interpreters’ HelpBenoît Werner and Yann Plancqueel, Berlin, Parisall (browser-based), additionally Boothmate for Mac OS X
IntraglossDan Kenig and Daniel Pohoryles, ParisMac; Windows-version expected to be released in 2016
LookupChristoph Stoll, HeidelbergWindows
TerminusNils Wintringham, ZürichWindows (for W8, don’t use the default installation folder)

Other Tools

ProgramDescriptionruns on
SpeechpoolSpeechpool is one great website to practice interpreting and it has grown substantially since it was founded. It’s a repository of speeches specifically geared towards interpreters, and interpreters upload their own speeches in a variety of languages, so there is a wide variety of languages and topics to choose from. There are also often brief introductions to help you get an idea of what the speech is about, and sometimes even key terminology that you may want to look up beforehand.Any browser
Speech repositoryThere are lots of different speeches on there, and some are quite difficult, so it’s a particularly good resource if you want a challenge.
Any browser

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