Terminology in Universities worldwide

Here is a list of universities all over Europe where you can study terminology as well as translation, interpretation, localisation and related fields. The list is being updated all the time as there are new academic proposals every year. Check where to study all over Europe.







Czech Republic






  • National and Kapodistrian University of Athens:
    Foreign Language Teaching Centre:
    Medical Translation (EN, FR)
    Legal Translation (FR, DE)
    General Translation (EN)
    Institutions, Terminology and Translation of EU documents (FR)



  • Dublin City University: MSc in Translation Technology.
  • Trinity College Dublin: MA in Literary Translation.













United Kingdom

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  • Mats Granstrom

    Just a minor comment to the Editor: For Sweden, the correct official names are:
    Tolk- och översättaristitutet – The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies


    Terminologi­centrum TNC – TNC, the Swedish Centre for Terminology

    Mats G

    • http://termcoord.eu/ EP TermCoord

      Thank you! Also corrected

  • Dino Ferrari

    The hyperlinks to the Swiss University programmes are outdated. The current URLs are http://www.unige.ch/traduction-interpretation/enseignements/formations/ma-traduction/technologies-traduction.html
    (University of Geneva) and https://weiterbildung.zhaw.ch/en/school-of-applied-linguistics/program/cas-terminologie.html (Zurich University of Applied Sciences)

    • http://termcoord.eu/ EP TermCoord

      Thank you for your comment, we did the necessary corrections!

  • Susan Folan

    A Chairde, could we include the Irish ones on this list please?

  • Vanessa Langer

    Institut libre Marie Haps merged with Université Catholique de Louvain last year. Now the Master is organized by the Louvain School of Translation and Interpreting (LSTI). Here is the link to the master’s programme (the names of the different options changed): http://www.uclouvain.be/prog-2015-trad2m-finalites

  • Loïc Lucien Monso

    Some correction for French universities: “Sorbonne” instead of “Sobrone”. You can also add the Institut des Traducteurs, des Interprètes et des Relations Internationales (ITI-RI) in Strasbourg and the Ecole Supérieure de Traduction et Relations Internationales (ESTRI) in Lyon. Please note that most universities in France allow a Master in Translation, but Translation Schools are more scarce (such as ISIT, ESIT, ESTRI and ITI-RI). Here is a list of those universities : http://blog.atenao.com/traduction-professionnelle/liste-des-ecoles-de-traduction-239#Universit%C3%A9%20Paris%208-15
    You should also add that the FTSK (Universität Mainz) is not located in Mainz but in Germersheim (Rheinland Pfalz), only 180km from there…

  • Julija Rastorgujeva

    Riga, Latvia. Baltic International Academy, Bachelor Professional Study Programme “Translation and Interpreting”.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    • http://www.maslias.eu Rodolfo Maslias

      Thank you very much Julija, we will add it to the list. Have a nice day! :)

      • Julija Rastorgujeva

        Thanks a lot, Rodolfo!

  • 3P Translation
    • termcoord

      Thank you! We are constantly working to uplead the list. Have a nice day! :)

  • Elisa Trippetti

    Just a quick note regarding Italy: the ‘MA in Scienze del linguaggio, terminologie e tipologie dei testi’ is offered at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano (not at SSLMIT dell’Università di Bologna, Forlì). Plus, it looks like that link is no longer active. Thanks very much for your work!

    • termcoord

      Dear Elisa, thank you for letting us know. We have updated the information on the page. We are constantly working to improve the website, so please let us know if you detect any other issue. Have a nice day! :)

  • Anita Nuopponen

    About Finland and the University of Vaasa: please change the information since it is not at all accurate. Terminology studies have been and are a part of Communication Studies,
    see info here: http://www.uva.fi/en/sites/terminology/education/.
    We do not have any translator training (any more). Instead, terminology is an integral part of communication studies and all our programmes include at least one terminology course. In addition, we offer a specialization in Terminology as an alternative in the Technical Communication Master programme.
    Thank you!

    • termcoord

      Thank you, Anita! We have updated the information on the page as you have suggested. We are constantly working to improve the website, so please let us know if you detect any other issue. Have a nice day! :)

  • http://www.toraki.gr Katerina Toraki

    Greece is missing!

    • http://termcoord.eu/ EP TermCoord

      Thank you for your comment. We have added Greece. We would be grateful for any additional suggestions that you may have.

    • http://www.toraki.gr Katerina Toraki

      Thank you!