Traineeships in the European Institutions


European Parliament Traineeships

1. Translation traineeships: traineeship at the European Parliament’s Directorate-General for Translation.

  • Translation traineeship for university graduates: for graduates of universities or equivalent institutions, for a three-month period, which can be extended once for a further three months.
  • Translation training placements: for a period of 1–3 months (which exceptionally may be extended for a maximum period of three months), intended in particular for applicants who are required to complete a training placement as part of their course of study.

2. Robert Schuman scholarships:

  • Schuman traineeship: for graduates of universities or equivalent institutions (5 months).
  • Schuman training placements: up to 4 months for non-mandatory training placements and at least 1 month for mandatory training placements.

– General option: five-month traineeship in one of the units of the European Parliament.

– Journalism option: five-month traineeship in one of the units of the European Parliament for applicants with experience in journalism.

European Commission Traineeships

1. Translation traineeships: five-month translation traineeship at the European Commissions’ Directorate-General for Translation.

2. Administrative traineeship: five-month official in-service training with the Commission of the European Union.

Council of the European Union

1. Paid traineeships: five-month traineeships within a specific department of the Council. The trainee might be assigned to attend meetings of working parties, draft minutes and carry out preparatory work or research on a particular subject.

2. Compulsory training period as part of a student’s studies: unpaid traineeships for third, fourth or fifth year students of a higher education establishment or university and whose programme of studies requires a period of training to be undertaken.

European Court of Auditors

General traineeship: five-month traineeships to obtain practical training in the activities of the European Court of Auditors.

The Court of Justice of the European Union

1. Traineeships in interpreting : ten to twelve week long traineeships primary aimed at newly qualified conference interpreters whose language combination is of interest to the Interpretation Directorate.

2. General traineeships: up to five-month long traineeships generally undertaken in the Research and Documentation Directorate, the Press and Information Service or the Directorate-General for Translation. Applicants must hold a degree in law or political sciences.

European Economic and Social Committee

Committee of the Regions

European Central Bank

Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union



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