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The University of Granada’s TermCoord’s project is carried by students at their first year of MA degree in Professional Translation.

Terminology Team

  • Pamela Faber
  • Silvia Montero Martínez
  • Mercedes García de Quesada

Project Coordinator

Pilar León Araúz

Pilar León Araúz holds a BA in Translating and Interpreting from the University of Granada (Spain), a BA in Applied Modern Languages from the University of Northumbria (UK), and a BA in Applied Foreign Languages from the University of Provence (France). She got her PhD in 2009 at the University of Granada, where she teaches Terminology and CAT tools to undergraduate and graduate students. Her research focuses on Terminology and Corpus Linguistics and Knowledge Representation. Her work has been published in prestigious international and national journals (10), book chapters (8) and conference proceedings (28). She has also been a member of several research projects publicly funded (8). Within the framework of renowned research projects, led by Dr. Faber, such as PuertoTerm (Coastal Engineering: knowledge structure and generation of terminological resources), MarcoCosta (Multilingual knowledge frames in the integrated management of coastal areas) EcoSistema (Single information space for frame-based environmental data and thesaurus), and RECORD (Knowledge representation in dynamic networks), she has published papers in journals such as Terminology and International Journal of Lexicography. All of them have contributed to the development of the Frame-Based Terminology (FBT), a new cognitive approach to the study of specialized language units.

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