TermCoord’s Website Reaches 100.000 Visitors

April 10, 2014 3:34 pm

The unique public Terminology website of the European Union, the website of the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament, termcoord.eu, rounded this week 100.000 visitors. It has been elected last year 7th best professional linguistic website worldwide and gathers EU resources not found elsewhere all in one place.

Following an agreement with the Director General for Translation of the European Parliament about presence on the web and social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), TermCoord in April 2011 aired its first blog. In only three years it managed to reach 300.000 visitors.

September 2013 marked the launch of the new TermCoord site.  The top 5 most visited pages of the site showcasing the world of terminology are:

A recently added feature to the site is the TermCoord Widget giving users the ability to see Termcoord’s most widely used tools and websites.  You can copy the code of our widget here and just paste it on your homepage or blog: It gives to you and its users an immediate access with one click on the images to the EU terminology resources, among them IATE the public database containing some 8.5 million terms in 24 languages

The successful experiences on the strategic use of web and social media by TermCoord are to be presented on the next EAFT conference in Barcelona in November 2014 thus going to serve as a model for other major international organisations and universities in the future.

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Compiled by Claus Skovbjerg, MA, stagiaire communicateur at TermCoord

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