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The TermCoord team’s main role is to assist translators with their day-to-day tasks and facilitate terminology research and terminology management in the translation units, as well to increase the EP’s contribution to the EU terminology database IATE. Consult our booklet listing all the activities and goals of the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament.
To discover more, please download our booklet, which covers the following subjects: IATE Activities, Proactive terminology and documentation, Seminars and trainings, Institutional cooperation, External contacts and presentations and Communications.

DISCOVER MORE: Download our Booklet


Discover IATE the EU terminology database

IATE has been operational since the summer of 2004 with the aim of providing an internet-based service for sharing terminology between institutions. In 2007 a public version of the site was launched which enables all EU citizens to search for specific terminology in any of the official languages. The Internet version of IATE now receives over 70 million queries a year.
Both IATE sites have “help” sections should users encounter any difficulties whilst searching in IATE. Furthermore, there is also an Input Manual for those users who create and update entries.

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