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Welcome to the Universities’ IATE projects page. Here you can find the outcome of IATE projects done by Universities in cooperation with TermCoord. These terminology entries will be evaluated to be imported in IATE after validation by the terminologists of the respective language. The content of the tables published on this page are under the responsibility of each University.

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 University Domain Project
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (Hungary)Mixed domainsHuman rights, election law, finance and disability
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) MigrationMigration
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)Packaging materials
Boğaziçi University of Istanbul (Turkey) Information technology IT and Social Media
Masaryk University of Brno (Czech Republic) Information technology and data processing IT and Social Media
Sofia University (Bulgaria) Human rights Human rights and humanitarian aid
Università degli Studi di Salerno (Italy) Waste Waste management
New Bulgarian University (Sofia) Soft energy Energy-saving devices and solar energy
New Bulgarian University (Sofia) Soft energy Solar energy
 University of Mons (Belgium) Soft energy Renewable energy
University of Mons (Belgium) FinanceMicro crediting
 University of Riga (Latvia) International trade Trade international relations
 University of Granada (Spain) Renewable energy Renewable energy
Scuola per Mediatori Linguistici Ciels (Italy) Social questions

International Trade and External Policies

Disability, International Trade and External Policies
Scuola per Mediatori Linguistici Ciels (Italy) various domainsImmigration, Cyber Crime, Children’s Rights, and Marketing
Hellenic American College Athens (Greece) Information technologyInformation technology and data processing 
Hellenic American College Athens (Greece)Waste management
Heidelberg University (Germany) Mecine, Medical ScienceOrgan donation
Heidelberg University (Germany)FinanceFinancial supervision
Heidelberg University (Germany)LawJudicial and court system
Université de Haute-Alsace (France) Materials
Université de Haute-Alsace (France)Information technologyCyberspace
Université de Haute-Alsace (France)TransportMobility
Université de Haute-Alsace (France)Language acquisition
Université de Haute-Alsace (France)Medical ScienceEpigenetics
Università di Trieste, SSLMIT (Italy) Computer systems / Applied sciencesRobotics
Università di Trieste, SSLMIT (Italy) Law Succession Law
Università di Trieste, SSLMIT (Italy)Energy inidystry / MiningFracking technologies
 Catholic University of Lille (France) Law Succession Law
University of Genoa (Italy)Economics and FinanceEconomics and Finance
University of Naples (Italy)MigrationMigration
University of Vigo (Spain)LawEuroepan Arrest warrant
University of Warsaw (Poland)Administrative structuresterminology used in the CVs of the MEPs – local administration
University of Warsaw (Poland)Politicsstate awards and medals
University of Warsaw (Poland)Politicspolitical parties
 University of Padua (Italy) Rights of the individual Children’s rights
University of Padua (Italy)Information technology and Data Processing / Criminal lawCybercrime
University of Padua (Italy)MigrationImmigration
Univerisyt of Upper Austria (Austria)Iron, steel and other metal industries / Mechanical engineeringMaterials and fabrication methods


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