Catholic University of Lille-FLD for IATE: Public Procurement


Short presentation of the project

The aim of this cooperative work between TermCoord and the Law department of the FLD in Paris was to introduce law students to the terminology research. The project deals with the terminology of public procurement and allowed students to conduct analysis in French and Spanish. In addition, the students were able to reason about the link between law and language and the importance this has in the European legal construction.

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  • Abril, Liéna
  • Amato, Mathis
  • Bellan, Julie
  • Billebault, Albane
  • Cassam, Tanya
  • Cosperec, Mathilde
  • De Saint Leon Langles, Aliénor
  • Dimech, Alexane
  • Elmerich, Albert
  • Fazil, Athika
  • Feuillet, Kim
  • Floquet, Charlotte
  • Fournillier, Constance
  • Geffray, Baptiste
  • Gouhot, Emeline
  • Guillot, Sascha Marie
  • Khaldi, Prune
  • Leccia, Victoria-Marie
  • Manchon, Gabrielle
  • Marry, Héloise
  • Viallaneix, Charlotte
  • Villota, Clemence
  • Wehrens, Léonie
  • Wolny, Audrey

Project Coordinator

Francesca Bisiani: teacher in the FLD in Paris

Francesca Bisiani pic

Francesca Bisiani is teacher at the European Bachelor in Law in the FLD-Paris and PhD candidate in Linguistic and literary Studies in the University of Trieste and Paris Diderot University. Her research interests cover analysis of political and institutional discourse, terminology and security policies.

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