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Short presentation of the project

This project was realized by students of the German section of the Department of Languages, Translation and Interpreting of the Ionian University (DFLTI), Corfu, Greece. It fostered a two-fold aim: to familiarize the students with terminology and the production of bilingual term glossaries while at the same time contribute to the enrichment of the IATE data base with reliable and well-documented terms on the basis of the language pair German-Greek.

Though the project was initiated as a syllabus-independent initiative, it managed to attract 33 participants. Organized in independent groups, the students worked on the following seven current topics of European and global interest which are underrepresented or even absolutely new in IATE: Brexit, Korea Crisis, Cyclic Economy and Waste Reduction, Disinformation and Cybersecurity, Inequality, Terrorism and Youth Empowerment. In addition, three more groups of students worked on already existing subject areas on TermCoord’s platform for University Projects, i.e. Industrial Manufacturing (University of Applied Science Upper Austria), Judicial and Court System and Organ Donation (both: University of Heidelberg), which provided them with German concepts. These terms were used as source terms and were also complemented by more concepts extracted by the students from other reliable sources.

After its conclusion, the work on the ten German-Greek term glossaries, which include definitions, definition references, contexts and context references, yielded all together 338 Greek new target terms.

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  • Brexit: Katerina Keramitsoglou, Irini Papadaki, Maria Papalexandrou, Lydia Frideriki Rapti, Efpraxia Tzinieri
  • Desinformation und Cybersicherheit (Disinformation and Cybersecurity): Antonia Ardamerinou, Aggelina Kourti, Marina Malini
  • Industrielle Fertigung (Industrial Manufacturing): Fotini Apostolaki, Marina Grikidou, Eleni Maria Ioannidou
  • Judikatives System und Gerichtssystem (Judicial and Court System): Stavroula Avramidou, Argyroula Gounaropoulou, Natalia Tzeka
  •  Koreakrise (Korea Crisis): Ismini Vlachou, Maria Eleni Bilitsi
  • Kreislaufwirtschaft und Abfallverringerung (Cyclic Economy and Waste Reduction): Vassilia Bakogianni, Olga Babanioti
  • Organspende (Organ Donation): Anna Kefaki, Konstantina Lena, Eleni Penna
  • Selbstmächtigung der Jugend (Youth Empowerment): Theodosia-Afroditi Antonopoulou, Sofia Tsougrani, Sotiria Fotou
  • Terrorismus (Terrorism): Ioanna Louisa Brifa, Elpida Dialetou, Rania Kaliakou, Theodora Kotsi , Ioanna Nanou, Anastasia Tasioudi, Eleni Tzouvanelli
  • Ungleichheit (Inequality): Eleni Katsigiannopoulou, Evdokia Tzimolidou

Project Coordinator

Olaf Immanuel SeelOlaf Immanuel Seel

Olaf Immanuel Seel is a native bilingual in German and Greek. He also speaks English and French. He holds a B.A. in German Language and Literature, in English Language and Literature and in Theatre Science, as well as a Ph.D. (summa cum laude) in Translation Studies. As a Ph.D. candidate, he was awarded the annual grant of The Tokyo Foundation, the Sylff. His doctorate was published in the series “Studien zur Translation” of the renowned German publishing company Stauffenburg, edited by Mary Snell-Hornby. He is the author of 20 research papers on translation theory, translation didactics, translation pragmatics, localization and terminology. He originated, managed and edited The Greek Crisis Multilingual Term Project (GCMTP) (2013), a multilingual term base on the economic crisis in Greece. He is also the author of the e-book written in Greek “Introduction to General Translation. A Functional Approach Based on the Language Pair Greek/German and the Text Types “Cooking Recipes”, “Commercials” and “Tourist Guides and Brochures” (2015, and editor of Redefining Translation and Interpretation in Cultural Evolution (2017, IGI Global, USA). As a translator, his working languages are German, Greek and English.

He is currently an Asst. Professor in language and translation (focus on German/Greek) at the DFLTI of the Ionian University, Corfu. From 2011-2018, he was an adjunct member in the Inter-Faculty Postgraduate Program “Translation/Translation Studies” of the University of Athens, where he taught, among others, courses on translation and terminology. Since 2017, he is also an adjunct member of the Greek distance learning university EAP, Patras, in the Postgraduate Program “Teaching German as a Foreign/International Language”.


External experts

For the project on “Industrielle Fertigung (Industrial Manufacturing)”: Dr. Sophoklis Kostopoulos, Department of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

For the project on “Terrorismus (Terrorism)”: Dr. Nikolaos Giannakopoulos, Colonel of the Hellenic Army, Senior Lecturer and Researcher on International Terrorism, Analyst, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Disclaimer: the project and the content of this page are under the responsibility of Ionian University.