Terminology briefing for new Trainees

April 14, 2015 5:55 pm

IMG_20150413_101825420_HDRTermCoord held its usual, quarterly terminology briefing for the new translation trainees of DG TRAD of the Parliament, who, this time, form a big group of some 60 young people coming from different countries.

The seminar focused on the key aspects of terminology and the main responsibilities of the TermCoord Unit, such as managing and coordinating IATE within the EP; giving training for terminologists, translators and trainees; providing translators with terminology and documentation tools and resources; organising seminars and specialised workshops for translators and terminologists; managing the interinstitutional terminology portal EurTerm; and ensuring linguistic consistency of European Parliament databases. EP adopts final legislative texts in 24 official languages, therefore the correct use of terms in translations is essential.

Termcoord also explained the basic principles and purpose of terminology, and showed examples and practical guidelines for the projects in which translation trainees participate. One of the most important tasks to be performed by the translation trainees is to add new terms to and update existing terms in IATE, the terminology database for all EU institutions.

A brief presentation of semiotic issues, general and individual concepts, terminological definitions and term research allowed attendees to acquire the basic notions of our activity.

sourcesOne of the highlights during the presentation was the explanation of the importance of the references, which provide information about the sources used and are indicators of the quality of the terms. Through the following interactive exercise, new trainees got to know the importance of judging which sources are “reliable”, “non-reliable” and which of them should be “used with caution”.

The event also allowed attendees to get acquainted with the most important tools, services and resources to which they have access from TermCoord’s internal website, such as the IATE Handbook, language-specific guidelines, and several terminology and documentation tools and resources used by translators, terminologists, other professionals and trainees.

Finally, in order to offer a full overview of the activities carried out by the unit, one of the communication trainees showed all the relevant tools and resources which new trainees can access from TermCoord’s public website. Visiting our website, they can become updated on terminology, can find new e-books and recommended reading, check interesting specialised glossaries on different topics, and be updated on the most relevant international conferences on terminology, translation, language and linguistics.

New trainees were also invited to follow us and join our social medial networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) from TermCoord’s website.


By Lidia Capitan Zamora. Journalist, web editor and social media expert.

Communication Trainee at TermCoord

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