Capital Markets Union

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The following IATE entries have been or are being updated in all languages to help the translation of texts belonging to the procedures 2015/0225(COD), 2015/0226(COD) and 2015/0268(COD).

13563943additional risk weight
22247407asset pool
32248933capital treatment
43527598clawback provision
52213936clean-up call option
63507176Covered Bond Purchasing Programme (CBPP)
71173240eligibility criteria
82233479exposure value
9817176financial strength
103568356individual obligor
112247944inferred rating
122248068Internal Assessment Approach
132248300maximum capital requirement
14108477model risk
153562811original lender
16789198outstanding balance
173568357pool of loans
182248961protection provider
19924880regulated entity
202233484retail exposure
213568358retained risk
223568360Securitisation Internal Ratings-Based Approach
233567747secondary issuance
243568361Securitisation Standardised Approach
253568362Securitisation External Ratings-Based Approach
26919604securitisation market
272233464securitised exposure
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