Digital Single Market

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2015/0284, 0287, 0288(COD)

The following IATE entries have been or are being updated in all languages to help the translation of texts related to Digital Single Market.

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3546876advanced electronic seal
3569773cloud provider
cloud service provider
3532360Code of EU Online Rights
139358conformity test
conformance testing
3566318connected car
2249120consumer markets scoreboard
3567818Consumer Sales and Guarantees Directive
383244content creator
158770content industry
910192Convention of Cybercrime
2222812Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions
3521377copyright licensing
3528453creative content
932915critical infrastruture
3561712data economy
data-driven economy
158769digital content market
918711digital divide
digital gap
933062digital dividend
spectrum dividend
916942digital literacy
3522850digital single market
927514digital skills
931716digital switchover
digital migration
digital shift
3570129Digital Union
3547000electronic identification scheme
3546964electronic seal
3546965electronic seal creation data
3550884electronic signature creation data
3537041electronic signature creation device
signature creation device
1356099electronic time stamp
3520735European Interoperability Framework
3528485European Interoperability Strategy
2222726Internal Market Information System
157698internet economy
2228302Internet Governance Forum
799297internet protocol
1268524legal fiction
134100licensing agreement
1436171local loop
3556446Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons who are Blind, Visually Impaired, or Otherwise Print Disabled
Marrakech Treaty
156345multimedia content industry
767328network operator
3532330online content service provider
1912970online dispute resolution
3567945Online Dispute Resolution Platform
ODR platform
319063online marketplace
electronic marketplace
916441online service provider
2249998orphan work
1609202portable device
2246541private copying levy
2246765public communications network
3546966qualified certificate for electronic seal
3546938qualified certificate for electronic signature
3546879qualified electronic seal
3564436qualified electronic seal creation device
3546876qualified electronic signature
3564435qualified electronic signature creation device
3547464qualified trust service
3562388representation agreement
862078right holder
896756service of general interest
3570306smart device
916500sui generis right
3508051simple set-top box
1094288supplier’s liability
3528096telematic application
1612160terminal equipment
telecommunications terminal equipment
3565273territorial exclusivity
3556105trust service provider
3551380virtual broadband access
3569896website authentication
928484World Summit of the Information Society
925107World Wide Web Consortium

Other terminology information

Terminology information for DE and FR translators:

On request of the CULT committee, please make sure you use the following terms in their texts:

EN broadcasting – FR radiodiffusion (see IATE entry 2233664)

EN broadcasting licence fee – DE Rundfunkbeitrag – FR redevance audiovisuelle (see IATE entry 3569019)

EN territorial principle – FR principe de territorialité (see IATE entry 1647488)

EN cross-border – DE grenzüberschreitend (see IATE entry 3566132 and 2143944)

EN audiovisual sector – DE  audiovisueller Sektor

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