It’s EurTerm now!



The Terminology Coordination Unit launched a promotional campaign for EurTerm, the interinstitutional portal for terminology. During the informal event, participants (including staff from the Parliament, Commission, Court of Justice and other EU institutions) were given a presentation of the website’s main features and most recent updates, and enjoyed refreshments prepared by TermCoord staff.

EurTerm, a project of the IATE Management Group, was created to collect contributions on terminology from all EU institutions and to provide support and resources in the field. The website offers language wikis where translators can discuss terminology, contacts for terminologists and other experts, a calendar for all institutional and external events concerning terminology, and a vast collection of institutional and external resources, such as links to terminology-focused websites, online training, databases and more. EurTerm also contains videos, e-books and news from around the world on terminology.

Currently the portal is for internal use only (EU institutions staff members).