Good news for all IATE users!


IATE, the publicly accessible terminology database of the EU institutions, has undergone some improvements. IATE contains over 8 million terms in the 24 official languages of the EU and is constantly updated and maintained by the translators and terminologists of the EU. These improvements will make searching IATE easier and more informative for its millions of users all over the world.

The first two improvements can be found in the ‘Full entry’ view. When you get a search result in IATE you can click the link ‘Full entry’ to display all the information for all languages on one page. Links to cross-referenced IATE entries (such as related concepts, broader concepts and antonyms) are now displayed on this page. And to save time, when you scroll your mouse over the links, a tool tip displays the term(s) in question.


Graphics are now also displayed in the ‘Full entry’ view. For example, in the entry for ‘desert lynx’ seen below.


Images can be very useful in taxonomical entries and charts, graphs and diagrams can be very useful to help explain many concepts. An example is the conceptual tree displayed on the entry for the legal term ‘marriage certificate’.


Using IATE gives you immediate access to the EU’s vast pool of multilingual terminology. Accessing this invaluable resource has now become even easier.